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    Doug Ruckers Roof & Exterior Roof Cleaning School Greenville SC (Only 6 Days Away)

    Doug Ruckers Roof & Exterior Roof Cleaning School Greenville SC (Only 6 Days Away) 6 Days away. ONLY 6 days. This is going to be a great Class. I'm excited to have the opportunity to teach this class for the 2nd time! We have a packed 2 days of mind blowing techniques and tricks (and a DEMO!)...
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    It's A BOY!

    Noah Trey was born at 10:51 PM June 8th. He is 5lbs, 14 ozs and 19.25 in!
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    Free Gutter Cleaning In The Upstate, SC. Precision Pro Wash

    Precision Pro Wash will clean your gutters for FREE when you clean your roof! For more information go to Office: P.864-724-WASH Rep.864-752-7073
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    Finding a Mentor

    I was looking around my area in Greenville SC at local small businesses that are doing really well, and maybe getting to know some of the owners. How did some of you guys find your mentors.
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    Charleston RT

    can't upload pics sorry
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    Selling Demos

    When you get a call for house wash, deck wash ready to do some demos! We quoted a general wash on a deck because it was BLACK looked like mold and mildew. Well nothing would touch it. So I called my Buddy Len with Palmetto home and deck. The WOOD man! He is a great guy and knows his...
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    2002 Isuzu NPR diesel 12' box truck

    This is a 2002 NPR with roll up back door, 265,000 miles good tires. Clean! Cold AC 4 cyl turbo diesel All lights work 12 foot box shoot me an email roll up door has 2 places where it has rotted out
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    Charleston..what's going on for eats tonight?

    Just checking to see what I'm missing.. Or if anyone wants to meet up
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    Got a KEY!

    Awesome! Thanks
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    Greenville, SC Roof Cleaning & Pressure Washing

    This was a 6500 sqft roof we did Thurs. Before the Atlanta Round Table! We also cleaned the front of the House, Pool Patio, Sidewalks, Brick Wall. 5 Bids where put in on this project! We where the highest price too! I just want to thank everyone on here! I wouldn't have gotten jobs if it...
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    Commercial Building Wash Today

    We cleaned this today, Building wash, Windows, Concrete!
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    Any Ideas? I have my hot water pressure washer in my box truck and it is heating up the side of the truck to much. I need to know if i can get a heat sheild localy or somthing thanks guys.
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    Lead for Wood Restoration in Moscow, TN 38057

    I got a call today for a Guzebo Cleaning it's all wood including the roof. Does not want pressure washed...She want LOW pressure she said. well let me know thanks
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    HEATING a box truck tonight...??

    It's going to get down to 28 tonight and i need to keep my equipment from freezing... I have a kerosene heater i was going to put in my box truck on low. But will the flam on the heater ignite the fumes. thanks guys
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    Running into brick walls!

    So I was talking with the manager of TGI Fridays for a few weeks. He was interested in getting an estimate and sounded enthusiastic. I sent in the bid and the next day he said he had awarded the job to another pressure washer who apparently said he could do the same quality job for a lower...
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    Grease on concrete???

    Have to clean up some grease that a resident spilled at a app complex. It is a long line going from the 3rd floor down the stairs and out to the parking lot. The stairs are concrete and so is the walk way. My question is will Sunbright's RIP IT take it out. I know that RIP IT it is a caustic so...
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    "Emergency Service" Bid

    I had to do an emergency service last night for a hotel. I cleaned 2500 sqft of concrete and rinsed A LOT of mud/clay off of a 15,000 sqft parking lot. I'm not quite sure if I'm on target with the bid so I wanted to check before I submit it. I worked it up at 3 cents/sqft for the concrete...
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    Roof cleaning in the winter?

    Hey guys it's starting to get colder in Greenville, SC and i was wondering can i clean roofs in cold temps? thanks
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    Question on HOT BOXES

    I was wondering if hot boxes work as well as a hot water unit? I have (2) 3700psi cold water units that i would like to add heat to.
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    Jack in the box demo??

    Did a demo at our local jack in the box. The manager said that they don't have anyone cleaning it now. But to call corp. So i just got off the phone with them and i have to mail our bib in he said...? Should i send a before and after picture in with our quote?? <a...