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  1. Rapid HotClean

    BIG Night For My Ducks!

    Game is in 15 minutes. A win tonight nabs the PAC 12 championship, a berth in the final 4, and most likely the Heisman Trophy for Marcus Mariota. GO DUCKS!
  2. Rapid HotClean

    Football - This is Hysterical!

    Watch it...
  3. Rapid HotClean

    Footprints on Concrete - Need Some CSI

    Got a call from a builder. New home sold this past summer. Driveway is stained with boot footprints that builder says were left by the concrete sub. Sub denies it. No impressions, just stains and lots and lots of them. When you see them in the flesh they have a slight sheen - almost like...
  4. Rapid HotClean

    Is There an Answer to This?

    How big is the exterior cleaning contracting industry? I've looked all over the web but have never found so much as a guesstimate.
  5. Rapid HotClean

    Somebody's Looking For a New Job

    He's so fired!
  6. Rapid HotClean

    First apartment complex done!

    Congratulations Ben. Also, this is a great thread. For time comparison purposes I thought I'd post a 10-unit complex (2 buildings) that we did last week. It was filthy dirty. Had to climb all the decks (wood) and clean them on top and bottom. Get up on the roofs. Clean all the...
  7. Rapid HotClean

    It's Called Professional Courtesy

    But it's really bullchit!!
  8. Rapid HotClean

    HD Pickups Frame Twist Testing

    Ford didn't do too well. Ford versus Chevy: Ford versus Ram:
  9. Rapid HotClean

    It's Harvest Time in The Pacific Northwest

    I just love this time of year. Of course, it runs now through next June!
  10. Rapid HotClean

    If Only The Boss Could See This...

    Of course, then again this might be the boss...
  11. Rapid HotClean


    Glad he got out ok!
  12. Rapid HotClean

    Rumor Has It That...

    John T visited Portland yesterday and when he did he was immediately served by Portland's finest.
  13. Rapid HotClean

    A Brief Roundtable Presentation...

    As a PWI Professor With Tenure, one of my honorable obligations here is to help, advise and guide my fellow PWI brothers through the trials and tribulations of life, even love life. So, and as a divorced PWI Professor With Tenure, and without further ado may I present...
  14. Rapid HotClean

    He's Gonna Get Life!

    His defense attorney will try to claim push. But watch the vid. Bzzt! Tony's soon to be Tony The Soap Boy!
  15. Rapid HotClean

    Hoses Marking - Any Cure?

    Within the past few months all of our "non marking" hoses have started marking and a real PITA. Do any of you guys know of a cure?
  16. Rapid HotClean

    Today Was Just...

    One of those days! Arrg
  17. Rapid HotClean

    Flawless Male Logic

    Woman: Do you drink beer? Man: Yes Woman: How many beers a day? Man: Usually about 3 Woman: How much do you pay per beer? Man: $5.00 which includes a tip (This is where it gets scary !) Woman: And how long have you been drinking? Man: About 20 years, I suppose Woman: So a...
  18. Rapid HotClean

    gray spots on concrete

    I think they're some sort of a fungus stain. I see them most often beneath deciduous trees. These pics show pitch stains from Douglas Fir trees.
  19. Rapid HotClean

    Honda Ad

    Tells their story. Honest, it's worth the watch.
  20. Rapid HotClean

    Motorsports - Then and Now

    I prefer 'then', because it best represents my current business model. lol