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    Who uses Landing and Squeeze Pages

    How are you using them? Here is mines.
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    One call that's all - New company video

    I have been doing lots of work on the pressure washing side. This is our complete service video. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>
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    Roof Cleaning Flyer

    Just made a roof cleaning flyer, let me know what you think.
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    Draw rate?

    Trying to find the draw rate of an X-JET/M-JET.
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    Lean Six Sigma

    Who has Lean Six Sigma training? This is a good course for business owners, I was thinking of getting two of my guys trained until I seen the price.
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    Does Twitter Matter?

    Does twitter matter when it comes to SEO?
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    What is soft washing. I finally figured it out.

    Well this is the story I'm all ways telling my guys that they can damage siding, if they don't follow the correct procedures. They listen, but we all know they are really thinking that is BS. So yesterday had the chance to spend some time doing continued training with one of the guys. Its...
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    Pressure Washing Intro Video my wife hates

    My wife hates this video, I think she really likes it but hates the $4000 program used to make it. When I got the program she said at that price you better be able to make the video go out and do some pressure washing. Even I had to laugh. Simple first video intro, let me know what you think...
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    Video using Adobe Premiere

    This is my first attempt at making a complete video with premiere I have used other video editors because of the simplicity. I see the potential with the program if you have the time to learn it took me 5x longer to do this video and its not as smooth but, if you learn the program you can...
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    Getting reviews without offering discounts.

    Its hard to get customers to review your product/service unless you offer them something. I try to never communicate on my personal phone with customers but i needed to send the real estate agent pictures (don't wan't to receive calls at 3 am). So when they responded this review was an...
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    Building myself

    Building website graphics everything but the template myself. Let me know what you think.
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    Equipment Life?

    What is the average life of your attachment equipment hoses, downstream injectors, guns, turbo nozzles, surface cleaners and etc... years/hours I'm having bad luck with downstream injectors (Yes we clean them after every use). Pumps are running at about 1500 -2000 psi, I keep them turned down...
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    Pressure Washing Intro

    Thinking about using this for marketing, giving away $150 service for the first 5 people to provide all words in this video via email. Probably will do it next year I'm a little behind on my other projects.
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    ARMA Roof Cleaning Standards

    What happened to the ARMA TB? Unable to locate it.
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    Why Is It That Everyone Claims That Pressure Washing Is Being Regulated

    This is my question I hear all of this water recovery crap. It is all B/S I have only been doing this for around 2 years personally company has been around for 4 years. When I first came to the industry I wanted to get licensed to separate my operation apart from the rest. I searched and...