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  1. Rance

    Cleaning Alucobond Panels

    I've read here before about cleaning Alucobond panels but cant find the thread. Maybe the spelling is off being the reason. I have to put a bid together to clean a local dealership's building. I'm thinking about using either an EBC or Dragon Juice mixture for this job or could be a specific...
  2. Rance

    Power Wash Store

    Couldn't find a thread to post this so I guess I'll start one. Here you go Paul and Bill. Thanks for the new catalog guys!
  3. Rance

    Cleaning wood floors inside

    I have been asked to clean the floors inside a Logans Roadhouse restaurant. The concrete portion is no problem. Not sure how to go about cleaning the wood portion of floors. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Rance

    Ratio's , The 5 gal. bucket mentality

    When we make up a mixture of water and a chemical and the ratio is a 5 to 1 ratio that means 5 parts water to 1 part chemical. If you're mixing gallons that would be 5 gallons of water to 1 gallon of chemical which equals 6 gallons. Which also means a 5 gallon bucket isn't big enough! A 5 gallon...
  5. Rance

    Jet Lagged

    I recently went to My wife's home country of England and had severe jet lag when we got back. Took about a week to get over it. Well the last two nights I have been up all night washing canopies for a fast food chain called Sonic. Staying up all night gives me that feeling of jet lag and I hate...
  6. Rance

    Quick Books

    Who is using Quick Books and what version are you using?
  7. Rance

    Cleaning Melamine

    This building is covered with melamine panels. Below each joint there are black streaks. I tried a HW mix and lightened the streak but they were still there. I then tried a HOT roof mix and the streaks are still there. What else should I try?
  8. Rance

    Walk your rig!

    A couple of days ago I was doing some maintenance on my equipment. I had brought my toolbox and set it on the fender of my trailer. About the time I had put up my tools and finishing up the phone rings. Well I didn't put the tool box up before I jumped in my car to go meet a client for a walk...
  9. Rance

    Indian Statue Restoration

    One of my biggest clients contacted me about doing a restoration on an Indian statue made from red oak. As I am not a wood guy I really don't know all the ins and outs of performing a project of this scope and my client is aware of this fact. After extensive conversation with them today they...
  10. Rance

    QC Explosion

    Yesterday I had a SS QC explode at the end of my hose. My wand was attached and laying on the grass and when I fired up my unit I heard a loud pop. When I looked over at my wand it was about 4 feet from where it was laying and the end of my hose was under the back of my trailer. Has anyone else...
  11. Rance

    E-bay ez4040 pump

    Has anyone here ordered pumps from E-Bay? Thinking of ordering this pump Good price?
  12. Rance

    HAPPY B-DAY John Neilson.....

    Hope you had a great one!
  13. Rance

    Air Dome

    Has anyone ever cleaned one of these? I'm wondering if the Sh will have any long term effects on the stitching. This is a structure manufactured by Horizon. They told me not to use SH. They want me to buy their product that is designed to clean these types of facilities. This particular...
  14. Rance

    Barrel Tile cleaning

    I have been asked for a quote to clean this building including the side walks. Don't know when it was cleaned last if ever. I'm guessing if the tiles are cleaned that will prevent further staining of the building and side walks. Strong house wash mix do the job ? I've never cleaned barrel tiles...
  15. Rance

    First house wash of the year

    Ready to get busy. Been a long cold winter!
  16. Rance

    Little Black spots on vinyl

    I read about these spots here but can't find the thread. NEED to know what this is and how to get rid of it.Thanks for any HELP!
  17. Rance

    Engine Repair Manuals

    I am my own mechanic and would like to find out if there is somewhere online to down load or print off repair manuals for different engine makes. Today I acquired a Honda GX 390 engine and had to remove the coil to remove rust from the armature. But now I can't find out what the gap should be...
  18. Rance

    Is this set up worth $400 ?

    Includes two 175 gal tanks, hose reel 200' hose, 13 hp Honda with an AR rkv 4g36 pump and another AR pump with no motor. Are the AR pumps reliable? Does not include trailer
  19. Rance

    High Pressure guages

    I recently purchased 2 high pressure gauges and one is already stuck @ 1500 PSI. I've had bad luck with gauges doing this. What causes them to stick like that?
  20. Rance

    Pwi member directory

    As I know people in different parts of the country I sometimes get asked if there is a professional PWing contractor in their area. The UAMCC has a member directory and I can find contractors very fast, however not everyone who is on PWI belongs to the UAMCC. Does PWI have a member directory? I...