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  1. flanbo

    Just about ready for pure water?

    Going to be building a pure water system. Anyone use Axion 4040, 2.5 x 40 or 2140 ro systems?
  2. flanbo

    Autodraw metering valve kit?

    Anyone use the certified softwash autodraw metering valve? Curious how well it works
  3. flanbo

    Air compressor air pump cfm??

    Picking up a used 5.5hp ridgid 8 or 9 gal compressor. I'm not sure of the cfm output also the pump needs some work its only building 30psi. If I replace the 5.5hp with a 9hp or 11hp will the compressor produce more cfm? Also if the pump is totally shot I'd definitely use the 11hp spare engine...
  4. flanbo

    I'm stuck in the mud

    Well my truck is axle deep in mud. Stuck on my own lawn with all this rain. 4wd ain't doing crap. Waiting for my buddies crane truck. Yeah
  5. flanbo

    Force feeding a ds injector ??

    Anyone try force feeding their ds injector with a 12v pump? Figure a 1gpm or 2 gpm pump would really jack my solution up and save time. Thinking of giving it a shot mainly for nasty pool cages.
  6. flanbo

    2.5gpm 12v pump

    How well would a 2.5 gpm pump push through 200ft of 1/2" kuri tek? Would like a dedicated gutter brightening batch . Figure just put my 12v hand cart next to my hose reel and roof pumps. Pain in the ass pulling the cart through thick grass.
  7. flanbo

    Nozzle Orifice hole diameter???

    Anyone know the 0 degree nozzle orifice hole diameter for 4gpm 8gpm 10gpm machines? Odd question I know about to tinker
  8. flanbo

    Glass coatings- tempered, eglass and tint help

    In the world of delicated glass and coating whats a guy to do about getting tough spots off? Sap, shot gun, paint ect. Lots of tempered glass and lazy painters making a mess in Florida. Any and all tips welcome please.
  9. flanbo

    Selling my pickup what's next

    So I'm selling my f250 and don't know exactly what I want next. A big part of my decision will be based on what the customer see's and if it says this guys equipment is helping me sign this paper. 1 The newer style hightop vans like ford connect has a lot of billboard are for branding but...
  10. flanbo

    Delavan 5850 114e. 115ac

    Very cool I've wanted to run 115ac generator for my fatboy and Northstar pumps but its a pita inverting. But I came across a Delavan 5850 - 114E. 115v Ac. Cost $150. If you were thinking about it or need a backup incase a battery fries, plug and go.
  11. flanbo

    Fundraising flyer template???

    Anyone have a pressure washing fundraising template I can use? Raising money for our girls softball and hs girls lacrosse teams.
  12. flanbo

    My brain is fried

    Been knocking out flyer/postcard designs since 6pm Sunday night 18.5 hrs and my brain is fried.
  13. flanbo

    Surface clean nozzle size increase

    8gpm 3500psi now using 25045 on a Sidewinder floater. I'd like to increase the sc glide. By increasing to 15° or 2505.0 or 2505.5 what would the psi decrease be approx? Anyone running larger gpm sc nozzles with better results?
  14. flanbo

    Testing SC bar rpm

    Is it possible to test surface cleaner bars with a timing light? Curiosity
  15. flanbo

    Kickass day today

    Had no work for today and tomorrow 11am get a commercial request 17500 sqft medical building all the concrete approx 1000 lnft sidewalks and sold my 1st window cleaning account 135 pc of glass all exterior. But not done if anyone remembers me asking about market higher-end homes well the 1...
  16. flanbo

    What squeegee's and strip washers should i buy

    About to buy window cleaning tools need tool belt advice. Theres so many choices what the heck should I buy? Targeting store fronts and restaurants. Started a Unger list here it is. Ninja bucket on a belt, 1-18" ninja swivel T Bar, 1-18" monsoon strip washer 1ea 12" 18" ErgoTec Ninja...
  17. flanbo

    SC modification like the landa water jet?

    Has anyone modified their surface cleaner water valve to operate like the Landa Water Jet? It just looks much easier than a trigger gun or straight ball valve. Would like to modify my Sidewinder if possible
  18. flanbo

    Electrical short help

    Hell day it was. Start up problems gx690. Hearing the dunk dunk sound at start-up. Battery leads are getting very hot and sparking. Its getting 12v from battery + to maching ground, fuse is good.
  19. flanbo

    Di canisters or tubes?

    Can Di tubes be built with pvc pipe and a stand pipe or is there something I'm missing?
  20. flanbo

    happy holidays

    Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Its been a great year getting started in this industry. Besides being a little slow - really that's just me not dogging it and some well that's about it. I've learned a lot from the leaders and the younger guys full of piss and vinegar. So...