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  1. Steven Rowlett

    3500 max towing? is it possible. newbie here

    I would suggest a machine like this with hose reels and not use a tank. You should be able to run a 4gpm machine from a faucet. A well might be an issue. You don't want to push that truck. As time goes you can upgrade to a 3/4 ton truck, then you can add a water tank.
  2. Steven Rowlett

    Stain Meister

    The Stain Meister is a very effective way to apply stains and chemicals. 12v on 2.2 gpm @ 70 psi on demand pump. All metal frame 50" x 3/8" poly braided hose Trigger gun wit quick connect for use of different lances that we cut to length Call for Pricing
  3. Steven Rowlett

    Old topic, but good information about BLEACH

    Doing much better these days. Still have a way to go on regaining my strength, mobility has improved drastically. I have been spend the last few months catching up on repair work in the shop. Getting ready to build another trailer rig. This one will have a recycling system on it. Here is a...
  4. Steven Rowlett

    How Drunk Was He?

    Read this link and you be the judge?
  5. Steven Rowlett

    Weapons Video and Link

    Check out these links. This is the guy that certified me to be a handgun instructor in TN last year. Enjoy the video's. Everyone needs a break sometime.
  6. Steven Rowlett

    New Powder Concrete Cleaner

    We have a new powder concrete cleaner, Mega Powder. It is effective on oil stains as well as coffee and tea stains. A 40 lbs. box will make 55 gallons and can be mixed in smaller amounts for convenience, just measure it out. It is also a non HazMat product. 40 lbs. $165.00
  7. Steven Rowlett

    Smoke stains on stucco?

    This is one I cleaned a few years back. A storm knocked the service out.
  8. Steven Rowlett

    New Website

    Please view our new website, We service and repair all brand pressure washers.
  9. Steven Rowlett


    Alkota skid unit 4gpm@4000psi 18 Hp Vanguard AR pump Belt drive Wayne burner
  10. Steven Rowlett

    The Chemical Doctor Has Moved

    The Chemical Doctor has moved. After I moved the owner of the company I went to work for decided to make a name channge of the company, it is North Georgia Cleaning Systems.We are making several changes I think everyone will be pleased with. I will keep everyone updated. Everyone can reach me at...
  11. Steven Rowlett

    Chemical Doctor Moving

    I just wanted to let everyone know I am moving to Athens, GA and will be working full time at Little Enterprise, 706-548-4876 starting November 26, 2012. I will have the same line of chemicals I had in the past and we have a greater selection of equipment. Feel free to call me at my present...
  12. Steven Rowlett

    Chemical Doctor Status

    I just wanted to let everyone know I am no longer affiliated with Absolute Chemical & Equipment, LLC. I am still here to help people with their questions. Hopefully I will be able to help everyone with their needs soon. Thanks to all who have supported my efforts over the years.
  13. Steven Rowlett

    Ready Seal and Chemical Seminar/Demo

    We are having a Ready Seal and Chemical Seminar/Demo. We will be showing stain removal and brightening of wood as well as gutter chemical products in action. See flyer on our website.
  14. Steven Rowlett

    Inventory Sale

    We are having a winter inventory sale. Visit our website to see what we have to offer at discounted prices, 30% off regular price.
  15. Steven Rowlett

    Equipment Service and Repair

    We offer equipment service and repairs. Cold and Hot water machines, also engines.
  16. Steven Rowlett

    Ready Seal Special

    We have several pails of Ready Seal of assorted colors on sale that are in stock now. Call Mike for colors and prices at 615-477-8340.
  17. Steven Rowlett

    Open House

    We are having an "Open House" & BBQ Friday Oct. 21 3:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. Free BBQ & Refrishments Free pump rebuild course at 4:00 p.m. Discounted prices on Ready Seal, Aggreseal, chemicals and parts Drawings for door prizes. 1107-A Straightway Ave. Nashville, TN 37206 Please visit our website...
  18. Steven Rowlett

    Open House

    We are having an "Open House". Information is listed in the attachment.
  19. Steven Rowlett

    Skid Unit - Great Deal

    Alkota Cleaning Systems 5 gpm @ 3500 psi 18 hp. Briggs & Stratton Vanguard $4200.00
  20. Steven Rowlett

    New & Improved Chemical Doctor

    Due to the nature of the work I have been doing the last few years it required me to shave the beard and cut my hair. I left the old picture up for a while because that is how everyone remembered how I looked.