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  1. Michael T

    We made it !!! GSA Scheduled Contractor / TXMAS Contractor

    We are GSA Scheduled Contractors now and also TXMAS Contractors ( Texas Specific ). This took some time, money and perseverance but we have finally achieved it.
  2. Michael T

    Centex has a new Video

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Centex Pressure Washing has a new Video.
  3. Michael T

    Looking for new Skid

    We had an unfortunate accident a few weeks ago (fire) and need to replace some equipment. What Im looking for is a small footprint low profile Skid, 3000psi/5gpm hot h2o belt drive minimum requirement. I need it to fit into a cargo van. Small footprint because we need hose reels etc inside...
  4. Michael T

    Pressure Trap vs Flow activated unloader.

    K-7 retrofit to RK40C Here is a pic of the setup. Pic1: Rear of van with relocated pressure hose reel. Hose reels were originally mounted in side door. Inlet hose is still inside of side door. Pic2: View of K-7 Unloader. The Pressure switch to the burner is on pressure line visable on the left...
  5. Michael T

    Pressure Trap vs Flow activated unloader.

    I just acquired a RK40-c skid. I bought out another contractor. It has a clutch on the pump and a pressure trap unloader. I really dont like pressure trap unloaders for several reasons. So I wanted to convert to a K-7 unloader. I contacted the manufacture technical department with the question...
  6. Michael T

    Another Ford Alternator question

    Not to hijack Tony's thread. I have a similar Alternator problem. 95 7.3L Diesel Everything works but I get this funny phenomenon. The lights in the whole truck pulse and sometime the battery gauge twitches ever so slightly with the pulse. It doesnt matter if it is low or high rpm it pulses the...
  7. Michael T

    my new grill!

    Nobody is perdy er than brotha earl
  8. Michael T

    Happy Easter

  9. Michael T

    VEGAS RT - Who is bringing wife?

    My wife is coming with me, anyone else bringing their better half? She wanted to know if any other wives were going to be there and wanted to sight see.
  10. Michael T

    Another QB question

    Okay QB pro's....... How do I sync 2 QB's on 2 different computers. Same files and everything but I need to update each one with the others info. I have the same version on my laptop and need to do some data entry. Im going to be sitting in a hospital with a sick family member and was going to...
  11. Michael T

    economics 101 Bar Stool Economics

    Here to you whiny Social Democrat man ....... Economics 101 David R. Kamerschen, Ph.D. Professor of Economics, University of Georgia Bar Stool Economics Suppose that every day, ten men go out for beer and the bill for all ten comes to $100. If they paid their bill the way we pay our taxes...
  12. Michael T

    Get your House pressure washed $60 - $60 (San antonio)

    What happened to the $99.00 housewash?
  13. Michael T


    Anybody use them? I need some feedback on their system. I need some pro's and con's. I have been approached to enter thier network. From what I understand they are lead generators.
  14. Michael T

    what every man want for christmas.......

    ............. well almost every man. Its on my list. ROFL
  15. Michael T

    new search engine

    this is too cool plugin the search words of your choice.
  16. Michael T

    nfpa question

    Where in the code is the recommendation for cleaning frequency??/ I need chapter and verse thank you very much
  17. Michael T

    Pressure Washer gets Busted

    A contractor in the Austin, Texas gets busted for stealing gas while pressure washing gas station pads. How stupid can you get. He was caught on video.
  18. Michael T

    Mediterranean Restaurant

    I got called to bid on this job. It hasnt been cleaned in several years. It is bad. The landlord wants a contract. The owned wants service in his budget. Said heis willing to spend up to 300.00 per qtr. How generous of him. The tag on the Hood ( I wish I would have taken a picure of) was from a...
  19. Michael T

    got a ?

    Ive got a question for my felow greasers. Do any of you service Kobe Steakhouse or Benny Hanna type restaurants? These are the type restaurant with the multiple hoods in the dining room and then a larger hood in the kitchen. I was called to bid on one and have a few questions. What are some of...
  20. Michael T

    Fuel pump problem

    Im having a fuel pump problem on one of my skids. Suntec A2VA-7116 fuel pump. 12v beckett burner. All of the sudden the fuel pump stopped working. But it was drawing fuel and returning it thru the return line. But there was no fuel pressure. I put a guage on the guage port to verify this. I...