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  1. Chris WCR

    Ron / Grant

    Would one of you guys please set any new messages in this subforum to alert my email add to new posts? I would just like to be able to respond to folks in a timely manner. thanks
  2. Chris WCR

    Last Day for 3 way pay.

    This 3 way pay option has been a big help for a lot of new members. The deal ends today -
  3. Chris WCR

    Crazy weather

    Normally we dont start our house washing up until April, late March.. But all our house wash crews went out today maxed out with work. Love it!
  4. Chris WCR

    Professor Chris?

    Holy wow I am a professor! Thanks Ron / Grant or whoever hooked it up.
  5. Chris WCR

    Meet Bob
  6. Chris WCR

    Free Shipping today

    Hey PWI we have our regular FREE shipping promo going today into this weekend. To take advantage of it simply place code: rh2 Into your shopping cart: Shopping Cart Once its loaded up with all those heavy products you have been waiting to order. Fell free to give us a call if you need any...
  7. Chris WCR

    $289 Waterfed pole giveaway

    So super simple to enter takes 30 seconds! Go to this page: Read it :) Click the Facebook like button. Respond to this thread and say "liked"
  8. Chris WCR

    Let's talk apps

    My favs..
  9. Chris WCR

    I just put $10 bucks in your account...
  10. Chris WCR

    Buy an EZ Pure get Free Shipping and a Free Water Fed Pole

    <a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket" /></a> That right.. But a Ettore Aqua Clean Ez-Pure get it shipped 100% Free of charge and...
  11. Chris WCR

    Half off WCBO Magazine - All Memorial Day Weekend

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket" /></a> 1/2...
  12. Chris WCR

    Free Water Fed Pole and Pure Water Manual

    Our new 2011 Pure Water Manual is now available for free download. If you have been thinking about getting into water fed pole window cleaning and really aren’t quite sure where to start download this manual today for free. It will bring you up to speed very quickly on all the terminology and...
  13. Chris WCR

    Free Shipping and some other Junk

    Oh Yes Take me to the store! Window Cleaning Supplies Window Cleaning Supplies Window Cleaning Supplies
  14. Chris WCR

    $500 Giveaway

    With our catalog shipping this monday, I will be randomly putting $100 bills in 5 different catalogs.. So when you receive yours you will have a chance to get get a fresh $100 bill as a surprise. Catalogs are free make sure your signed up to get yours! <iframe width="640" height="390"...
  15. Chris WCR

    Whats happening here?

    You guys may have noticed some posts come through the window cleaning section here at PWI from the user: WCR Water Fed Pole NEWS Its basically a RSS scraper that will occasionally auto feed posts in from my forum Window Cleaning Resource Ron and I set it up a couple of days ago.. We picked the...
  16. Chris WCR

    Window Cleaning Magazine Issue 4 Ships this Monday

    First time subscribers receive a free Unger razor scraper: Window Cleaning Magazine This magazine is perfect for all service contractors. Window Cleaners, Roof Cleaners, Pressure Washers etc.. Very business heavy and Window Cleaning Light.. Read More about it on our Window Cleaning blog
  17. Chris WCR

    Scratched Glass Removal - GlassRenu

    Check Location availability and purchase here: GlassRenu Scratch Removal <iframe src="" allowfullscreen="" width="640" frameborder="0" height="390"></iframe> Check Location availability and purchase here: GlassRenu Scratch Removal
  18. Chris WCR

    All Water Fed Poles must go! Unger Water fed poles must go! All of them that is.. Some are over a thousand dollars off.. Please dont hesitate to get in touch if we can help. You can find all the Unger Water Fed Poles here.
  19. Chris WCR

    Roof Cleaning Before and After Pictures

    I am putting together a little marketing piece and could really use some before and after roof cleaning pictures. Does anyone have a few good pictures they could share with me? I will totally owe you one :)
  20. Chris WCR

    Is everyone as excited as I am to get to NOLA?

    Is everyone as excited as I am to get to NOLA?