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    considering a 48" or 60" surface cleaner

    I have been considering adding a 48" or 60" surface cleaner to use on large jobs (150,000 sf +). I currently have a 30" with a 3500 PSI / 8 gpm pressure washer and it works great. If I go with a 60" I think I would need to buy a 10 gpm pressure washer which should handle it. I think my current...
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    who handles your PPC is important.

    I am starting my 3rd year in business and when I started out I hired a company to build a web site and a few months later added SEO and a PPC program. I was getting more calls and thought everything was good. This year I decided I would look around and try another company to handle my PPC. So I...
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    Streaks on stucco

    We cleaned a stucco home a few days and the entire house is streaked everywhere except on the covered patio. We used a mixture of 20 gallons of bleach (12.5%), 30 gallons of water and a quart of roof snot. I have attached a couple of pictures (or some reason they are sideways).It almost looks...
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    How do door hangers work?

    I am getting ready to put out 5000 door hangers for pressure washing and 5000 for Fence staining in the Houston area. Hopefully it will generate some business. Does anyone have any experience using door hangers and do you he ay idea of what percentage to expect from them? I have attached both...
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    1/4 mile of Brick Fence. What should I use?

    I've got a 1/4 mile brick fence to clean next week and I need some help on what cleaning solution to use. Should I just use a bleach/water/detergent mixture or should I try something else? Thanks, Robbie
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    A fence question

    When cleaning a fence, is there a problem with the back side of the fence (that you are not cleaning) being effected by the cleaning fluid going through the cracks in the fence and streaking the back side. If so, what do you do about it?
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    Hello from Housto Tx

    I’m Robbie Miller from Houston Tx. I am in the process of starting a pressure washing business here. I am starting to set up a trailer with a hot water washer, tank, surface cleaner and all the hoses, reels and other stuff. I plan on starting with residential and expanding into commercial and...