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    Telescopic pole.... worth the money?

    I don't do many jobs in the air. I have a ledge to clean that is about 15ft up that wraps around a building . Acces is a pain due to being in down town Dallas. This is a high traffic area. I have thought about getting mobile scaffolding or a scissor lift but due to the location and time etc and...
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    large parking lot wash down question

    I have the option to bid on a commercial property coming up real soon and have some questions. The property owner wants a general wash down of a covered area that is open air. Flea market. 4x week. It can only happen after hours ( after 9Pm). They also want a parking lot washed down once a week...
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    Rust removal bid with photo

    Does $200.00 sound fair for this job. No up selling just the removal. Im using F9 barc with a light rinse afterwards.
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    parking garage round about estimate.

    250,000 sqf parking garage. 4 levels. No water reclaim. average dirt, oil and grime buildup. No walls or ceilings. It has been washed every year up until this point so its not terribly dirty. This location is in texas so its mainly dust and oil spots. 8gpm/3500 machine with hot water. two guns...
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    Limestone church

    Have a church covered in limestone . 3 yr old building . Dirt and black mold/mildew buildup . The building manager is worried about high pressure because he read somewhere on some website that high pressure is bad . I was planning on x-jetting with my m5 SH+lemonade +roof snot . Dwell about 15...
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    Blown o-rings

    When I turn my thermostat all the way up it seems to destroy my o-rings in my quick connects. Do they sell high temp rings or do I have a different problem or have to deal with it ??
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    Another happy customer !!

    3000 feet of this bad boy today! I just signed 4 other HOA Communities this week !!
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    how would i clean this

    This black stuff is everywhere in my area. This type of building material is in my neck of the woods. (N.Texas) Was wondering how I would clean this because no one seems to be doing it. I have a 8gpm Hot water machine with DS and xjetM5. I sprayed some 50/50 bleach + H2O on some of that type of...
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    how should i clean?

    I have a 8 gpm hot water machine with high/low pressure tips.. Also have 24 inch surface cleaner. I can DS and x-jet if needed. How would you clean. the business has 65 parking spots with around 10 with heavy water run off and rust stains. The Patio is stained concrete that the owner already...
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    What nozzle tips in jrod

    I have a 3500 psi 8 gpm machine and ds. What tips for my jrod would I need to pull chems and rinse. I know all ds injectors are different . My injector is a 15:1
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    Class a firefighting foams

    Anybody ever use class a firefighting foams as their surfactant?
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    Do I need a different injector

    I have a 8gpm hot water machine with a 20:1 ds injector . I want to pretreat my gas stations n lots and dumpster pads that are really nasty with EBC + surfactant before surface cleaning with hot water then a rinse down . I have a variable pressure wand with 200 feet of hose. Can I get enough...
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    Starting building wash

    I am wanting to start easy and small in the building wash game . I have a few yrs in the surface cleaning area and wanting to know what else I need to be successful and give a good product to my customer . 3500psi hot water 8.0gmo pressure pro DS Injector with 35 gallon Chem tank 525 gal...