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  1. greg/sd

    Rig Contest Florida National Cleaning Expo Sponsored FREE Entry

    18 gpm on truck 15 gpm on trailer 10 gpm chem pump 7 gpm chem pump 7 hose reels 450 cfm recovery vac on trailer 300 ft of vacuum hose on steel eagle live vacuum reel 3 surface cleaners on truck 2 24 inch recovery surface cleaners on trailer 50 gallon ows 2 cartridge filtes and a de filter for...
  2. greg/sd

    Are two heads better than one?

    I had a feeling two arms would clean better and have been meaning to build one for a long time. when you posted yours I decided to go ahead and give it a shot. I haven't used it a lot yet but it already seems to cleans better than my maxima. its already on the truck Time will tell.
  3. greg/sd

    Are two heads better than one?

    I would say two heads are better than one. Just built a 50 inch surface cleaner that so far runs circles around my maxima.
  4. greg/sd

    Most concrete ever bid

    I was just putting together a bid for a large amount of concrete and was wondering what is the most concrete some of us have ever bid on or cleaned at one time.
  5. greg/sd

    FREE WIN A $7000.00 Water Dragon Unit From FREE FREE FREE

    I want some keys I will even pay the shipping thanks powerwash store.
  6. greg/sd

    tsf 2021 valve caps

    Anyone got any tricks to get stripped valve caps out of a tsf 2021.
  7. greg/sd

    Pressure washing curbs Orlando fl Disney resort area

    We just finished pressure cleaning about 4 miles of curbs in the Bonnet Creek resort complex in Disney resort area.
  8. greg/sd

    Curb Pressure cleaning orlando

    Little curb pressure cleaning project in orlando we started this week. pressure washing orlando
  9. greg/sd

    website hits

    how many hits does your site get a month I think I get a lot but don't have reference to go by. I know its a lot more than it used to be.
  10. greg/sd

    Bad spray bar

    Any of the distributors been hearing of bad spray bars from whisper wash. I got a new one from a local shop that is not balanced right out of the box. wobbles so bad cant even run the surface cleaner brand new swivel brand new nozzles the nozzles aren't plugged or crossthreaded. Is it possible...
  11. greg/sd

    BBQ road trip

    Me and the wife are going on a bbq/music road trip in a couple weeks starting in the panhandle of Florida then Alabama,Louisiana,Memphis Tenn,North Carolina back down to florida. Any of you guys from close to those locations have any cant miss spots. we have some already but we are kind of...
  12. greg/sd

    Brick sign cleaning questions

    We just pressure cleaned for a Hoa master association 18 about the same size friday. we sprayed with roof pump about 50/50 mix then washed with about 1000 psi. make sure you wet the plants before and after.
  13. greg/sd

    interior mold cleaning

    Anybody have a clue what will melt mold like bleach but is not bleach based. We have 16 refrigerated stainless steel 4000 gallon beverge tanks that cannot be bleached but have lots of mold. They are not accessible on one side to wand so chem is going to have to do the job. Also needs to be...
  14. greg/sd

    virus trojan horse

    My antivirus is going crazy when i log on
  15. greg/sd

    Autobody garage floor pressure cleaning

    Made a little video at the jobsite yesterday.
  16. greg/sd

    Article: Parking Garage cleaning Central Florida Pressure Washing

    You can view the page at
  17. greg/sd

    Orlando Pressure cleaning

    Orlando Pressure washing Exterior House Washing (low pressure, soft wash) No Pressure Roof cleaning Driveway pressure cleaning Screen Enclosure washing Pool Deck pressure cleaning Sidewalk pressure washing Patio pressure cleaning Paver Brick Cleaning/Sealing Rust Removal "Fighting the Never...
  18. greg/sd

    Commercial Roof Cleaning Orlando We been working on Orlando Condo Roof cleaning this week. We sprayed about 40,000 sq ft of barrel Tile roof in the last two days.
  19. greg/sd

    Ball valve

    Just got the ball valve I won thanks Pwi and Paul.