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  1. BradCarey

    How do you label buckets? Here is a quick and simple way to label your chemical buckets for pressure washing. How do you label yours?
  2. BradCarey

    Sirocco Reclaim Vacuum PEV230 For Sale

    To see in action and condition: $2000. In excellent shape. Used only a few hours. Just didn't end up doing the type of work I needed it for. Call Brad for more info, 616.745.5753 Posted other places as well. -Electric -2 3 stage...
  3. BradCarey

    Wood Class in Georgia

    I just happen to be going to or down to Georgia next week (from MI) I have also been looking at Ready Seal stain and through the power of the internet I found North American Power Washer Outlet in Gainesville GA.To my surprise and delight I found out we were going right by there place Saturday...
  4. BradCarey

    White Stuff on Brick Paver

    Could anyone tell me what this is and how to remove it? I tried using F-9 because thats what I had with me, let it sit, and then used a surface cleaner, cold water, but after a few days the white stuff came back. Can anyone tell me what the white stuff might be and what is the best way to remove...