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  1. socalkol

    Potassium hydroxide and food greases.

    Who all is also adding potash to their degreaser when doing dumpster pads/bad drive thrus/etc? Did you notice much of a difference vs just caustic?
  2. socalkol

    Super Swivel Rebuild

    Does anyone actually take the time and rebuild their super swivels when they go bad?
  3. socalkol

    10 GPM cold water like new

    This is the original of the 3 I built before plumbing. Machine for sale is a replica of this with k7 unloader and unloader block. Will Post up to date pictures as soon as i go to my shop again.
  4. socalkol

    10 GPM cold water like new

    10 GPM 2500 PSI Heavy duty Gear Drive cold water machine like new with K7 Flow unloader for sale with 1 hour use on it for testing. Asking 2200$ Cash if purchased before Feb. 1. Price will be adjusted up accordingly if it does not sell before start of season/that date. I currently run 2 other...
  5. socalkol

    Predator Engine Surface Cleaning Video

    Alot of people have been talking about the predator engine as an affordable backup machine. I think i am the first one to get it put together so figured i'd post a preliminary video of it in action. If anyone wants any other info/pics/videos of the machine just let me know. 22 HP Predator, 10...
  6. socalkol

    Flow restriction... silly question

    So lets ask the silly question... All WW surface cleaners state a max flow of 10 GPM.... Is that restriction based on the gun? the swivel? Something else? If its the swivel are there any modifications that can be made so that it can handle more?
  7. socalkol

    Printing meant for contractors

    As Guy Blackmon says, "If your phone isn't ringing, you're not being seen!" We as contractors all need to get seen and I want to help everyone do that. Lately I have been helping people like Tim Nunez from Virginia Pressure Washing get seen. We made him 2500 high quality 8.5 x 11 glossy flyers...
  8. socalkol

    Used Landa SLX 10 - 9.5 GPM 880000 BTU HOTTT

    Runs Like a top, selling due to looking to get a machine with a smaller footprint. Im sorry the pictures arn't great, the machine is hard to access with the positioning on my rig. if anyone has any serious inquires and wants specific pictures just let me know.
  9. socalkol

    Used Landa SLX 10 - 9.5 GPM 880000 BTU HOTTT

    Looking to let go of my Landa SLX 10 9.5 GPM 2500 PSI hot washer. Burner runs so hot it has branded me multiple times this year. Will be taking pictures of the actual unit this week. Enough GPM that you can speed walk with a SC. Has 3/4” 300′ Schedule 80 Heating Coil Asking $5000
  10. socalkol

    Happy, Respect, Valued employees equals happy customers

    Read this quote today and it made me think of Doug Rucker and the way he is with his guys. I don't see their firsthand interaction but the results speak for themselves. "always treat your employees as you want them to treat your best customers". If you show rather then tell your employees how...
  11. socalkol

    ST-2305 Leak

    We have used the ST-2305 gun since we started but right now i think 3/4 of our guns are leaking. Is this normal for 6 months of use for these? Are there better options out there to avoid leaking this early?
  12. socalkol

    The Enforcer is here to stay

    mess with the sparkleworks family and things might just get serious... Compliments to AllRed Graphics for putting my babies thoughts down so people know whats up.
  13. socalkol

    Give Away-10 Yard Signs

    Giving away 10 yard signs to the lucky winner this weekend. The drawing will be help Sunday August 17th. Winner may also opt out of yard signs and receive a 100$ print credit on the print media of their choice. To enter the drawing all you have to do is post the types of print media you use...
  14. socalkol

    Roof Pump Reviews

    apparently this bulletin board auto corrects, type this into google and be prepared to take some time to soak it all in .
  15. socalkol

    I'm sorry, but this is ridiculous...

    So true So true.
  16. socalkol

    Google local seo/results (the pack)

    So who has experienced major rank changes to their google local results this week/last due to the algorithm change. For our company it was a bitter sweet change. It lowered our rankings in a few packs/searches and raised them in others we never appeared in.