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  1. Apple Roof Cleaning

    Free Roof Cleaning SEO Help Group

    The winter is the time for all roof cleaners to work on the SEO of their websites. One way we do this, is to provide relevant links to our websites from places that Google trusts. Google created Google Groups, and so it trusts them! Unlike Facebook Groups, these Google Groups are wide open to...
  2. Apple Roof Cleaning

    New Ways To Run 12 Volt Roof Cleaning Pumps

    There are several reasons why 12 volt roof cleaning pumps fail. A few years ago, I was sought out by the Northern Tool Engineering Team for consultation, and some of my ideas for increased reliability, were incorporated in their line of North Star 12 volt pumps. I am meeting (again) with the...
  3. Apple Roof Cleaning

    Msking The Smell Of The Roof Cleaning Chemicals

    Many roof cleaner over the years have asked me what chemical are needed to hide or cover the smell of the roof cleaning chemicals. You cannot simply dump just any chemical into a tank of roof cleaning mix, and chlorine stability is a must. The needed chlorine stable masking chemicals are not...
  4. Apple Roof Cleaning

    Big Tile Roof On Tampa Bay

    Here are some before and after pictures of us cleaning this roof that was right on Tampa Bay in Apollo Beach,Florida. The view from the top of this roof was just awesome, and we could see all the way across the Bay to downtown Tampa! Our customer just bought this multi million dollar waterfront...
  5. Apple Roof Cleaning

    Sticky White Fly "Honeydew" On Florida Roofs!

    I have heard of, but have yet to see, a new type of infestation on roofs down in South Florida, caused by the white fly epidemic. Have any of you roof cleaners down in South Florida tried to clean this stuff off of roofs yet ? I understand it is resistant to the standard roof cleaning chemicals...
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    A New Roof Cleaning Soap!

    This is NOT my discovery. In fact, I tried it nearly 15 years ago, and it did not work very well. However, it was brought to my attention on our other forum, by a member in Vancouver BC, who can not buy Gain up there. He said he was using Joy Dishwashing Liquid...
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    New Google Roof Cleaning Group - Join Now!

    I just made this new Google+ Roof Cleaning Community Joining it, using your Google + BUSINESS Page will help your local SEO. Join, and make a post of introduction, and be...
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    Cleveland Ohio Kidnapping Must See Video !

    Certainly NOT to make fun of those 3 girls who were kidnapped, but this is a must see video. LOL
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    Las Vegas Metro Cop Busted By 12 Year Old Boy !!!!!

    Here is a video of a 12 year old boy (God Bless Him) busting a Las Vegas Metro Cop for illegal parking! Las Vegas Metro Cops are known for being real assholes, in and outside of Vegas! I hope Tony Shelton see's this!
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    Money For Roof Cleaners And Pressure Washers Effected By The BP Oil Spill

    This guy called me for a roof cleaning estmate, and we got talking. He told me there is money set aside for any company effected by the BP Oil Spill disaster. Many of us were effected, and lost money because of it. He said the money is fairly easy to get. He did not ask me to publish his email...
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    "New" Applesauce Roof Cleaning Mix

    Because so many newcomers have asked me for a simple "quick and dirty" mix to clean shingle roofs, here it is. This mix is for 100 gallons total. You need 68 gallons of water 30 gallons Liquid Sodium Hypochlorite `12.5% 1 - 44 ounce Bottle Original Scent Liquid Gain Dishsoap. Up to 3 - 44 ounce...
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    Happy Easter To All Roof Cleaners From Tampa !

    Happy Easter Sunday! I hope everyone who cleans roofs is as busy, or will be as busy as we are here. We are looking forward to a great dinner tonight!
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    Improvements To The Fat Boy Roof Cleaning Pump

    We have a thread going here about possible improvements to the Fat Boy. The Fat Boy and FloJet Pentaflex has way too much run off, to use on tile roofs. A small nozzle makes the pumps cycle...
  14. Apple Roof Cleaning

    The Best Liquid Dishsoap For Roof Cleaning

    I am Chris of Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa, the founder of the Roof Cleaning Institute. I want to share my discovery with all my fellow Roof Cleaners. We have been using this everyday, on both tile and shingle roofs, and it rocks! We buy it at Family Dollar Store, they have 44 oz Original scent...
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    Good Website Or Roof Cleaning Blog Material

    I am proud of my guys over at the RCIA Forum. It is great to watch newcomers to roof cleaning learn it, and start taking it seriously. IMHO, Roof Cleaning is where the Money is at, as far a residential cleaning goes. Look at what one of our guys up in Michigan found! Very Impressive ! Could...
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    Good Experience With Ebay Seller Of Roof Cleaning Pumps About a 3 years ago, I was bored. I went on Ebay, looking for air diapragm pumps. I do that quite a lot. I lucked into a old, used, 1 inch Wilden Hastelloy pump with Teflon Diapragms. It was buy it...
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    Roof Cleaning Hall Of Fame

    I am trying to put together a Roof Cleaning Hall Of Fame, to honor the people who have had a lot of effect on the industry we all love. Please help me do the best job I can. Since the RCIA is a dedicated roof cleaning forum, and number one roof cleaning website in the world in most roof...
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    This will change EVERYTHING

    This looks like a REAL breakthrough The makers of this breakthrough cleaning technology will be coming online to answer any questions about this exciting new technology. Imagine, having 500 gallons of roof...
  19. Apple Roof Cleaning

    This MIGHT revolutionize roof cleaning !!!

    This looks like a REAL breakthrough
  20. Apple Roof Cleaning

    Improvements for clean with the rain roof cleaning chemicals

    I have developed improvements for Wet and Forget types of products! If using these Quat products, here is what you do. Simply add 1 - 8 oz cup of Rock Salt per gallon of mix. The added Salt will also help the Quat kill the algae. But more importantly, the added Salt will dry the dead algae out...