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  1. pdmcali

    Smoke Damage on metal carport.

    Any suggestions on what will remove smoke damage from metal on a metal carport. Sorry I don't have a picture.
  2. pdmcali

    Question on windows

    Question for window guys. On commercial building that windows have window film on them will house wash (sh) be harmful for the film?
  3. pdmcali

    Phil Robertson and A&E

    This reminds me of this cartoon. And btw good for you Phil Robertson for keeping to own option's and your own faith.
  4. pdmcali

    Always like to get these emails.

    Comments from Costco after we did this job at their fuel station. This is in Georgia just one exit from Chattanooga, TN.
  5. pdmcali

    Our office today

    Cleaning like a awning.
  6. pdmcali

    Our office today

    Here is one of the items we are washing today. Since we Pressure Wash rest rooms also I guess we could add a tag line We clean your TeePee to where you go PeePee.
  7. pdmcali

    Contest for Glasses today From the

    Got mine today thanks Paul.
  8. pdmcali

    Quality Solutions Inc

    Anyone ever do busy with this company? I received a call about servicing some Taco Bells for them. I was wondering how they are to work with?
  9. pdmcali

    Stain Flash

    Question for you stain guys. What does it mean when someone say that the stain Flashed? Also I noticed a lot of stains states to not stain a deck or fence when it is over 90 degrees. What do you folks in Texas do since you have a lot of days over 90?
  10. pdmcali

    Canvas Awning Job - Is it worth cleaning?

    This awning look like the one's on your picture 5 and 6. We used a pump up sprayer and applied the Super Awning cleaner and work in with a brush. After letting it dwell for about 20 minutes we rinse off with light pressure then applied another round of cleaner and left for a day. The next day we...
  11. pdmcali

    Used Alkata rig 37hrs, is it a good deal?

    Matt these are made in Calhoun GA. This is a 8gpm and sells for 7k. This is the link.
  12. pdmcali

    Brick sign cleaning questions

    Here is the before pictures.
  13. pdmcali

    Brick sign cleaning questions

    This is one we did earlier and the final wash was with OneRestore.
  14. pdmcali

    Wet Wood Stain

    Has anyone used Wet Wood Stain from Davlaur Coatings and if so what has been the results?
  15. pdmcali

    BT200 vs EBC

    For someone that has used both which does best on cleaning up oil, and fluids?
  16. pdmcali

    Concrete Patio and Retaining Wall Chattanooga, TN

    This is a flip house we wash last week and they didn't think they need the concrete patio and retaining wall wash but we encourage them to have it done. Concrete Patio n Retaining Wall Cleaning Chattanooga, TN.
  17. pdmcali

    Efflorescence Removal Cleveland TN

    Efflorescence Removal in Cleveland, Tn This is a church courtyard that had a serious Efflorescence issue. We used Calcite Presoak follow by NMD 80 with a final wash of OneRestore. Sorry I didn't have better before pictures...
  18. pdmcali

    Past transportation just for fun

    My favorite was the 65 Mustang but my first car was 49 Plymouth, 3speed on the column with a flat head six engine. Mine didn't look this good but it ran well and had a huge back seat. I call it the drive inn movie car.
  19. pdmcali

    Graffiti Removal in Chattanooga TN

    Last week we received a call from the property owner of a strip center in Chattanooga, TN to remove Graffiti from the side of their building. We used World's Best Graffiti Removal and it did the job super fast, much better than the results we have had with Taganator in the past. BTW the wipes...