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  1. Superior Outdoor

    Its a start!

    Take a look and tell me what you think its as basic as it gets, and we will be updating it constantly.
  2. Superior Outdoor

    a good pole?

    dont you just hate it when you price a job you think you will not get because its just so high you think...never well i just got a confirmation on a house wash i did not want......on a cliff.... no way to get a lift even close..... so it looks like ill need a good extension pole wanted to...
  3. Superior Outdoor

    Just some fun info....

    As some of you may know we are a full service landscape company. Not only do we provide Pressure washing services (that use water ) but we also install and maintain commercial and residential irrigation systems. (that use 1000's times more water) the average home sprinkler system will use...
  4. Superior Outdoor

    Winterizing your equipment?

    I know many of you are in areas of the country that never see temps below 50. But here in Ohio it gets cold sometimes very cold. We store all of our equipment in a heated building so my question is not how to winterize but more how do you do any work in the winter? Ive seen mention of ice dam...
  5. Superior Outdoor

    Solar panel cleaning?

    just wondering if any of you are washing any solar farms around the country? We service the local Juwi plant in upper sandusky ohio and have approached them several times about washing them. trouble is i have no data to show them it would help with total yearly output of the aray? Would any...
  6. Superior Outdoor

    Advice on auto zone parking lot?

    Guys im looking for some input on what i should do with this parking lot its about 15 years old and has never been cleaned so there are extremly bad oil/grease stains at every parking spot. I know i need to reclaim it and thats not the issue but should i use degreaser to try and get as much...