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  1. Scott Stone

    Fleet Mega sale.

    As many of you may know, I was recently underbid on our largest contract by $700,000. The company that underbid me bid twice as much the last go around. There are a lot of associated stories to tell, but, let's just leave it to what I have for sale. I have already sold 4 power wash trucks. I...
  2. Scott Stone

    'Setting goals

    One of the things that has helped me is setting goals for my business. If you don't where you are headed, it's impossible to get there. In order to set goals, they need to be clearly defined, and achievable. You also must be willing to work to achieve them, and set a date that they will be...
  3. Scott Stone


    Sorry, I have been busy the past few weeks, and have had some family things that have been going on. Just a quick thing to remember, someone else's success is not your failure. If you are angered because someone else has won a successful account, it really shows a lack of confidence in your...
  4. Scott Stone


    There are typically two different types of belts on pressure washers. AX belts are the cogged belts. They seem to last longer because the cogs allow them to flex more as they go around the pulleys. BX Belts are the solid belts. The sheaves (the pulley) are designed for each type of belt, and...
  5. Scott Stone

    Nozzle maintenance

    Here is a picture of tips. If you notice, the tip on the far left is brand new. As you go down the line, the openings get bigger and bigger. When the openings get bigger, that means that you are going to start losing pressure. The volume of water remains the same But it is the difference of...
  6. Scott Stone

    deposit removal

    I know that you are going to all be shocked by this, but the basic reason that we operate power washers is to remove undesired elements, dirt, oil, mildew or mold, from a surface or substrate. When these things are adhering to a surface, they are forming an electrostatic bond. How things are...
  7. Scott Stone

    Powerwashing basics

    This forum has been created to help newbies and veterans understand the basics of power washing. It could be the chemistry, the mechanics, business aspects, or just about any basic principle of power washing that a contractor can use. I am not going to go into how to wash a deck, or things like...
  8. Scott Stone

    Morning Rant.

    Why is it that I was able to fix five machines this morning,(3 hours) and when I had a mechanic it would have taken all week to repair them? Why is it that the day guy reported that the heater wasn't working on his truck, yet the night guy, who was the last guy to use it, reported nothing...
  9. Scott Stone

    AR Pump for sale

    I have an AR pump that is rated at 5 gpm at 5000 PSI. It was recently rebuilt, then we decided to take the machine out of service because of heater problems. This is what it is. I would like $400 for it, plus shipping. I don't need to sell it, I can just keep it on my shelf, but it is...
  10. Scott Stone

    hawaii fire
  11. Scott Stone

    Power washing with Ron

    last night Ron was helping me with a grease spill. (Long story). All of the sudden it dawned on me, if we both had real businesses, we were likely the most expensive crew in history.
  12. Scott Stone

    This is not a money question...

    As a business owner, I have had quite a few interesting and fun jobs, that gave a great sense of satisfaction when the job was completed. I sold a government job cleaning 200,000 ft of concrete for 9 cents a square foot, and it wasn't a parking garage. I have to admit, that was cool, and...
  13. Scott Stone


    Here is a double screen shot of my computers. The part on the left is because I am still blown away, and realize I need to perform. The shot on the right shows some of who have been stalking me on linked in in the past 90 days. Funny thing is, two of the people that popped up are people that...
  14. Scott Stone

    Just a random thought

    So, I was reading something about teaching customers, and the thought came to me that something was poorly communicated. Here is the point to remember, whether it is a customer, an employee, a potential customer or spouse. You can talk all you want, but communication does not happen until...
  15. Scott Stone

    All the stupid people, where do they all come from???

    Back Story, we have an office that we operate out of. It frequently occurs that we get walk ins looking for a job. Notice I said walk ins. We do not have a single non driving job, except for maybe me, and my wife. When we get the walk ins our standard response is that when we are hiring...
  16. Scott Stone

    How would you clean this???
  17. Scott Stone

    Does the staff here ever vote?

    Dang, you called me out...
  18. Scott Stone

    Just a tired rant...with some observations.

    1. If you have the time to research the contracts of another contractor, especially if he is not in your area, you might be a bit obsessed. You should seek counselling. I can assure you that I have never researched the contracts of ANY other contractor, nor do I even care who someone else...
  19. Scott Stone

    I have a question...

    Phil, I was looking at the fbo website, and saw a bid for a Powerboss pressure washer. That was the only acceptable model. How do you get around that one?
  20. Scott Stone

    Looking for a used truck

    Yeah, this is all I have to work with... All of them work at least 40 hours a week. It is a beautiful thing. There a few trucks missing from these pictures, but you get the idea.