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  1. Ralph Q

    301 redirect help.

    Can someone tell me what I need to do or who I need to contact to do a 301 redirect on my old site to a new one? I have a webdotcom site that is costing me $115 per month and since I changed my company name and have a new site I want to redirect the old one. It is #1 on google BTW in two markets...
  2. Ralph Q

    Changed the name of my company and made it an LLC. QUESTIONS.???

    I just got my LLC registration back and it says to file a report every year or I will be fined $400, What is this report? and are there any other LLC's out there? Can you tell me what I should be doing differently than a sole proprietor? I already use a separate bank account for my business and...
  3. Ralph Q

    New engine accessories, what do I need?

    I am looking to put together another washer and need some guidance on what I need to make the engine whole? I am looking at a Kohler 27 hp or a Robin Subaru 28 hp engine. I know I need a muffler, and it appears neither of them have a control box, but not sure. Do I need a control box and if I...
  4. Ralph Q

    Loss of pressure due to friction. How does it affect gpm?

    Ok. I know that there is a loss of psi due to hose length, gpm etc. I was always under the impression that you also lose flow. I have seen several threads and posts all over the place that say you don't lose flow, just psi. I am at a loss as to how this is possible. EXAMPLE: If I am running a...
  5. Ralph Q

    Northern tool engine clearance.

    Went into Northern Tool today and they had all the Honda display models on sale. The only one left was a Honda gx630 for $899. Don't know if they are doing that everywhere, but if they are, and you are looking for a new engine. They are all 25% off. I don't need another engine sitting around or...
  6. Ralph Q

    First Year - Becoming A Business

    Doug, I merged your logo with Teds avatar if you wanted to use it in your sig.
  7. Ralph Q

    First Year - Becoming A Business

    Thanks Mike. Here is a smaller version. Anybody is free to use these.
  8. Ralph Q

    First Year - Becoming A Business

    I can make you one Doug. I had to merge the two pics because you can only post one sig pic I guess. The resolution of the pic I have is blurry also. I found a better resolution pic and made you one. not sure if you can save this one or I can send it to you.
  9. Ralph Q

    What hose reel do you use?

    Debating on a new hose reel and would like to see what the pros are using, and why?
  10. Ralph Q

    Coxreel Question.

    I got a coxreel competitor for one of my feed reels. I really like it so far and was thinking of getting another one for the high pressure side. It says max is 3000 psi. My machine is 2500 psi with 3000 spike. Just wondering if this will hold up? I like the way there is a groove on the manifold...
  11. Ralph Q

    Drone with 720p video. Is it worth it?

    Came across this drone and it is $600 cheaper than the 1080p. Would this be fine for making videos? I know nothing about resolution and stuff. This would be for youtube commercials and on my website.
  12. Ralph Q

    Craigslist crashed last night.

    I was patrolling for a used edger last night on craigslist and they went dark. I guess they got hacked. Cant access my account to post ads. Anyone try craigslist lately?
  13. Ralph Q

    Roof snot is ridiculous!!!

    So I was filling my tank for tomorrow and I thought I would be smart, and I added a splash of roof snot in there, thinking it would mix as I drove. Big mistake. I was distracted for a minute and when I turned around, there was a three foot high solid column of soap suds coming out of the manway...
  14. Ralph Q

    Power of colors.

    Just wondering if someone has researched the use of colors in their marketing? I'm talking logo colors, truck wrap colors, the colors used in marketing. I see most pressure washing guys use blue and white. Lot's with the little drops of water in the background. I've used that myself and it...
  15. Ralph Q

    Does google penalize redirects

    I have a bunch of web domains all pertaining to my business, and I am trying to figure out how to incorporate them all into one website. I want to target different local areas and also make sure I highlight all the different things I do(gutter cleaning,house washes, driveway cleaning, rust...
  16. Ralph Q

    Anyone place a listing with The US yellow pages?

    They want $229 per quarter. Is it worth it?
  17. Ralph Q

    Why can I not load pics.

    Guess it depends which way the wind is blowing !
  18. Ralph Q

    Does anyone know why this happens?

    I noticed whenever I do before and after pics of pavers, they appear to change color. This pic is a prime example. I did not edit or retouch this photo at all. It looks like the camera changes lighting and settings by itself. I don't like before and after pics where it is obvious that there is...
  19. Ralph Q

    Cleaning Canvas Awnings.

    Customer has two patio awnings that are green and dirty. Will a diluted mix with SH and laundry detergent do the trick here, or will that bleach out the fabric? Anybody with experience with this. I did an awning two weeks ago and used my regular HWM with no problems, but I think the material was...
  20. Ralph Q

    Pump and hose vibrating. Can't find problem.

    Here is the plumbing. It's a 5.5 gpm machine. Dual fed with 3/4" hose. Been working fine for months now. I changed the unloader and things started happening. Blew out three injectors in one day. Now they work fine. IDK? Also I don't have a bypass loop, it is being sent to tank. Everything was...