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  1. Dan B

    They Stole my Stuff

    hey guys well yesterday somone decided they needed my equipment more then i did so now iam trying to figure how iam going to replace all my equipment and still keep all my accounts. so if someone can tell me whare i can get some eqipment at a good price i would apprecate it. i had insurance on...
  2. Dan B

    West Coast

    I Feel Stranded out here on the left coast i don't see many people on these boards or even anywhere for that matter thats from my area if there is anyone out there maybe we can get together and throw around some ideas get back to me if there is anyone interested !
  3. Dan B

    Cedar Shake Roofs

    HI i would like to get a thread going about cedar shake Roofs i don't see much information on here about them there is a big market in my area for them. Ive bid a few but have not been able to land any of them. Ive seen some people advertise prices as low as $300-$400 per roof. but Ive seen...
  4. Dan B

    2 Step

    i want to know what kind of acid you use to 2 step right now i just use a SH based soap and brush when i need to. also can i use my SH soap to 2 step or do i need to use something else. whare can i get the acid and soap if i need a diffrent kind? aslo is thare and acid that wont bleach or turn...
  5. Dan B

    WHAT Soap

    hey iam just trying to get everyones opinion on what soaps to use for fleet washing right now i use panel boss Dnb 1333 from delco works pretty good. wanted to know if anyone has used it if they know of a soap that has worked better for them. also are you useing anything else in your wash mix...
  6. Dan B

    drain block

    hey does anyone have a good idea for a device to block storm drains we do some washing where i have block off storm drains that lead to streams please let me know what you guys are useing thanks
  7. Dan B


    i need to know the best way to get rid of heavy oxidation from heavy equipment !! its yellow paint if that matters any thanks for your help ( i have hot water ) please let me know Dan Baxter First Quality Cleaning