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  1. jreese92

    Truck Tool Box

    I’m looking to get a topside tool box for my truck. I’m unfamiliar with most of the brands out there. Weatherguard is a little too pricey, so I’m looking for opinions on what you guys are using. Is anyone familiar with or have experience Lund or DeeZee?
  2. jreese92

    Truck Vinyl

    I need some advice on my design before it goes to print. I'm not sure about the layout of the tailgate. Anything I should add or take off? Any ideas and opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. jreese92

    Name on advertising?

    Does anyone here put their name listing yourself as owner/operator on their marketing materials such as doorhangers, postcards, etc?
  4. jreese92

    New Doorhangers

    I'm currently getting new roof cleaning doorhangers designed. I'm looking for a coupon or incentive to put on them. What has worked for you? Thank You.
  5. jreese92

    Polo Design

    I'm getting polo's designed and I'm not sure what to put on them. I feel like polo's look more professional and that I shouldn't put a lot of print on them like a normal t-shirt. I'm planning on just putting my logo on the right chest area. Anything else I should add without making it too...