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  1. Kory

    Backpack blower advice?

    Ok my commercial grade sthil that was around 2 years old has bad valves and is going to cost about $300 to fix. I use this blower maybe 10-12 a year and it's already crapped out. We use it for some gutter cleaning jobs and in my yard. Anyone recommend a certain brand? Why?
  2. Kory

    Motor is bogging down under pressure.

    Ok I checked the usual suspects. Fuel filter, water filter, changed pump oil, spark plugs, pump valves and unloader. At idle it runs fine under load it wants to bogg down then will rev back to normal. Any advice?
  3. Kory

    Who got paid to clean this
  4. Kory

    Chris Apple and Ron check this out
  5. Kory

    Ball valve on down streamer

    If I put a ball valve on a down streamer would it mess the down streamer up when valve was closed? Yes I know it will not pull chem when closed. Just wanted to see if it would damage or mess up the ds in any way. Has any one done this? Is there any advice on making this work properly?
  6. Kory

    Fleet leasing.

    Ok have any of you done a fleet lease? What are the pro' sand con's? Are there a minimum number of trucks to qualify for fleet lease?
  7. Kory

    22hp kohler command v-twin ohv

    I need prices on one of these. Can you distributors please pm a price?
  8. Kory

    Orlando National Cleaning Expo Event 2014 Double Tree Sea World

    Starbucks On Site Fed Ex On Site 3 Pools 2 Pool Bars Putt-putt golf kids activity center Day spa pool tables And Much More including walking distance to Sea World! Here is the Catch room rates are only good if registered by 7-18-14
  9. Kory

    2014 NCE EAST Event July 31st- Aug 2nd

    July 31st - Evening social Aug 1st Speakers and presentations Aug 2nd Speakers, Presentations and demos Lunch is $15 per person per day options are as follows. Deli Stack Sandwich Smoked Ham, Oven Roasted Turkey Genoa Salami, American Cheese Shredded Lettuce and Tomato Macaroni Salad Potato...
  10. Kory

    Jumper hose?

    I should know the answer to this after almost 10 years but what is the difference between a jumper hose and regular say r2 hose? Does length come into play? I need 3 20ft jumpers if any distributors want to send me a quote via PM.
  11. Kory

    Cat flow sensitive unloader

    Any one have some experience with these? I would like to get some feed back. I am currently running k7's but they are only rated to 3000psi. The cat is good to 4000 which is what my udors push.
  12. Kory

    I need help with a website

    I am redoing the nceeast site and am having a hard time finding a template. I am not good with site design but I know what I want. It will need a customizable registration page with drop downs and a paypal function button. Anyone want to help?
  13. Kory

    What's new?

    What is new in the tech world that is helping you? Any new apps, hardware, printers, anything?
  14. Kory

    Save the date! July 31st, August 1st & 2nd. 2014

    This years event will be better than ever! I will not release the details till may 1st but I will tell you the location! Think warm sunny sky's. Think tiki bars. Think family fun! Think M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E. yep Orlando FL. The venue is great the speakers will be great and as always I will push...
  15. Kory

    12v wiring ?

    Has anyone been able to successfully wire up a 12v pump to a trailers lighting system? Can it be done? I am setting up a new trailer and it would help not to have another battery to worry about. I am fine with leaving the running lights on on the truck while working as it is a f350 with dual...
  16. Kory

    Your kids are not yours!

    I would be in jail for a long time if this happened to me. We have lost control and can not even have control over our own children. SEE IT: Tennessee man gets arrested while trying to pick up kids at school Jim Howe, 40, got into an argument with a school resource officer when he tried to...
  17. Kory

    Seal N Lock super wet new formula

    Hey guys I have been meaning to post this but keep forgetting. A few months ago probably 6-9 seal n lock changed how they did business. They got a warehouse and brought all the manufacturing and mixing in house. Since they have done that I have seen a much better product. It was good before, now...
  18. Kory

    Seal N lock bio strip

    Ok I used bio strip for the first time this week. I thought I would share my experiance. I did not take pics but I don't think they would help. Ok so the setup is this customer has been with me for 6 years and lives in a very high end gated community. When I first started taking care of his...
  19. Kory

    CCTV - video surveillance

    Ok so I am looking into getting a system. I have zero idea on what to get. I would like input from you guys that may have them or in a previous job sold them. I am looking at 6 to 8 cameras. Has anybody installed a system them bought over the net? If so how did it go. I see systems on amazon for...