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  1. Walt Edwards

    Requesting Information on training

    Please provide more information on Doug's class I keep hearing about. A link to his schedule and cost, or simply his contact info Thanks Walt
  2. Walt Edwards

    Not really a new member, just returning to the fold :-)

    Hello everyone. It's been awhile since I've visited. been kinda busy. Just complete my BS degree and the Fire Academy with Cary Fire Dept in NC. Now ready to start learning, washing and sharing with you guys again. Thanks for not kicking me out of the club LOL Regards
  3. Walt Edwards

    Help finding rebuild kit for old Comet pump

    I recently inherited (was traded for some work) an Old skid unit. 16 HP briggs Vanguard with a Comet Pump. The comet pump needs rebuilding on the head side; ie Pistons, packing, valves etc. Problem is I can't find a place to buy the rebuild kit. I've rebuilt a Admiral Pump in the past and...
  4. Walt Edwards

    Need Painter in Greenville NC Area

    I'm looking for someone who knows a reputable painter in the Greenville NC area. My wife (Rhonda) and I bought this place a few years ago when my daughter attended grad school at East Carolina University. We need the interior of our townhouse painted so maybe we call sell it. We're getting out...
  5. Walt Edwards

    South Carolna Round Table

    I know September is a ways off, but I'm trying to plan ahead and get my calendar locked in. Has any tentative dates been set yet. Thanks Walt
  6. Walt Edwards

    Balau Wood question

    Has anyone had any experience stripping and staining this type of wood. I have a small deck, only about 230 SF, that is all Balau wood. It current has a stain on it, however the customer can't remember what brand or type. It need stripping and re staining. Any advice would be helpful Thanks...
  7. Walt Edwards

    Flying high today

    Today I pressure washed the tallest building in my County. I've never washed one this tall before. 60 Ft Man what a rush
  8. Walt Edwards

    I was wondering

    I was wondering.... When the hell is spring coming??
  9. Walt Edwards


    Attachment test of Company Logo
  10. Walt Edwards

    KIds photos Post them if your proud!!!

    Tried to make it larger but couldn't figure it out
  11. Walt Edwards

    KIds photos Post them if your proud!!!

    Here's the most recent Family Pic. My daughter, son, wife and me at my Son's Eagle Scout Ceremony on 29 Nov.
  12. Walt Edwards

    Green Bay/ Pittsburg Game

    Anyone watch that game? Man it was close. One of the best NFL games I've seen in awhile!!!! 37-36 Pittsburg Tied with a TD with zero left on clock and won with extra point
  13. Walt Edwards

    30" Mosmatic SC on ebay

    I ran across this on Ebay, didn't know if anyone was interested. I bid once, just testing the waters, but 30" is a little to large for my 5.5 I couldn't get the below info to show up as a link, but the description and Item number are exactly as listed in Ebay. I stress, I'm not the one...
  14. Walt Edwards

    Got my New Stencil

    Got my new stencil. Now I'm itching to do some demos.
  15. Walt Edwards

    Cape Fear Pro Wash New Owner

    For some of you this will not make any sense, but for those of you that we're at the MB RT and noticed that there were two (2) Cape Fear Pro-Wash's from NC, you were right. Cape Fear Pro Wash name now officially belongs to Jared Chanowski, JC, from Hampstead NC. Sorry Jared, I know I miss...
  16. Walt Edwards

    This is what it's all about, add yours

    Here's a few of mine Me and the wife at her surprise 25th wedding anniversary. I took 25 years to surprise her. Me and my baby girl. Man she finally graduated and is off the payroll. She's now a physicians assistant My old chip at the National FFA Convention in INDY. And I can't...
  17. Walt Edwards

    HELP!!!!! Just Kidding

    Here's some pictures of my old unit. Now where did I put those darn step by step instructions..... I've decide to tear my entire rig off the trailer and start over. Here's the beginings of my rigs total rebuild. I'll post my progress thru the winter months. Hopefully I posted the pics...
  18. Walt Edwards

    Veteran's Salute

    To all the Veterans on this board, I want to say thank you for your service. Your service and sacrifice has helped keep this country the strongest free nation in the world. Again, I personally SALUTE AND SAY THANK YOU. GOD BLESS AMERICA.
  19. Walt Edwards

    How to remove Wolman's Extreme

    First of all, I'm just getting ready to get back into business after a long break. Several years ago a restored a customers deck with Wolman's Extreme (their choice) cause at the time I was partial to F&P. I haven't had the chance since to do a follow up. Last year, I used what was left of...
  20. Walt Edwards

    Best time to Start Marketing a new business or service

    I plan on getting started full time PWing around Mar 09. I will be limited on time from Mar till Jun, becuase I retire from the Military in Oct 09 and start burning up all my leave in Jun. My question is....When to start advertising prior to my planned start date.:confused: Do you find that...