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    Hello from the past

    Been awhile since I was here, but for those that remember me, could you help with my son's foundation>
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    I've stayed away for 1.5 years because of craziness. Pop in now and Scott Stone is banned, John T is back and the U@mcc seems to have imploded. What gives around here? Is anyone left ?
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    Charlotte Union thingy

    If any one is going to be in charlotte this week for the Union shindig I have 750 feet of single wire hose that has been used about 2 days that you can have if you come to Fuquay Varina. Three 250 sections.
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    George Clarke or someone please help

    I have begged, pleaded, complained, filed a complaint with the Arizona Attorney General's office, talked with Tony and Ron to get the harassing texts and phone calls and junk mail from the UAMCC to go away. I was promised by Ron that it would end. More mail in the box today. I do not want to be...
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    If there are any members here with the ability to do so can you get me and Nick May out of your system. Tired of the phone calls and junk mail. Nick was a made up name to see if a vendor here sold or gave my contact info to uamcc. Apparently so. Please leave me alone.
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    Been gone three years m last time I was here Robert and the PWNA was selling out the industry and AC was selling snake oil. Anything new?
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    Peace to all

    I feel like John T saying I am going to check out of here for awhile. This pressure washing board has become a spring board for somethings that I just can't stand for so I choose to leave for a while and hope that some leave and others come to their senses. Allowing the rantings of a person that...
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    Free Hat

    I need your help. My local Landa guy has been told he is no longer an authorized Briggs dealer. This is because he had me on speaker phone when he called Briggs to ask what they planned to do about leaking valve cover gaskets. They informed him it was new to them and there had been no...
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    Briggs owners please help

    If you have a briggs and the valve covers leak please post here. All of mine are leaking. My landa guy calles his briggs rep trying to get some feedback. Briggs was upset that I was on speaker phone with him. He said he was unaware of the problem. The next day my landa guy was informed that he...
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    New Forum

    Do not post here if you have anything to say about pressure washing. I will ban you. Do not post here if you are Beth, a member of the PWNA, a member of the BBB, think CETA is a good thing, or if I don't like you. I will ban you. Everyone else, you're welcome to come over...
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    It was nice here also

    Who would have thought that I would be prevented from replying to threads here as well. Anyway, here is my reply to Beth in the thread that I started but am now not allowed to post in. You give me infractions and delete my post and then say we don't have the stones to call you. Maybe a phone...
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    For Tony
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    Board of Directors for Ron's new org.

    I have officially proclaimed myself President of the new org. Having self appointed myself I do not see the need to list my qualifications, but I will anyway I have 5 friends(2 of which are dead and I am not on speaking terms with the other 3) I could not care less for the washing industry. We...
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    New truck set up
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    Open Letter requsting refund

    I emailed this a few minutes ago. I will keep you updated as to the outcome. I would like to request a refund of my 6 month membership to this organization. At the time I was led to believe that it was in place to represent the industry in all matters and present itself in a professional and...
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    If anyone got the catalouge, look in the top right corner of page 17. :lol::lol:
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    Happy Birthday Russ

    Now enough celebrating, go to work.
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    Any UAMCC gurus

    I can't remember my passwood to log on. I have sent numerous emails from the contact page and recieved no replys. Can someone help me out?
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    William's 2nd, 3rd, and 4th videos