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  1. FoxCPM

    Rotella Single/Straight Grade W40 on Isuzu Diesel truck?

    I friend of mine who is in the boats biz, gave me 3 5gal buckets Shell Rotella Straight grade w40 oil. I was wondering if this oil is good for 4HE1 Izuzu Diesel motors? I've always used Rotella 15-40. What's the difference between these two oils? Thanks!
  2. FoxCPM

    Those who switched to air diaphragm pumps..

    Many of you guys switched to air diaphragm from 12v pumps a while ago. Kory, Russ S, Larry and others I think What is your feedback guys so far? I have a Ridgid 9GPM/5.5HP that I use to rotate tires on the trucks and emergencies. I wonder if I should get an air pump or another 12v for back up...
  3. FoxCPM

    Employees sick days, vacation, personal days etc..

    What is your policy on that as an employer? Thanks! D.
  4. FoxCPM

    Complete Tech Service Manual for ISUZU and GMC Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks

    If someone needs the most updated and detailed service manual for all Isuzu/GMC medium and heavy duty trucks such as NPR FRR FSR FTR NQR W3500 W4500 W5500 years 1999 through 2004, you can download it or view it at the following link: ISUZU GMC COMPLETE SERVICE MANUAL Keep in mind that some...
  5. FoxCPM

    good price on Myristamine oxide

    best price for a bucket of Myristamine oxide? Thanks!
  6. FoxCPM

    mixing different weight hydraulic fluid

    If I mix a quart of hydraulic fluid 46 with quart of grade 80 would that give me a new grade of 63 or these numbers have nothing to do with averages? I need weight 68, and the common ones are 46 and 80 Thanks!
  7. FoxCPM

    Will Fuel Prices Go UP or Down?

    What are your predictions? Last night a pickup truck and a hot water unit (gas/diesel) took the total cost of $225 :).. Every night a parking lot sweeper truck averages $50-55 Thanks! D.
  8. FoxCPM

    Roof Cleaning in Coral Springs, Florida

    This tile roof on a 4000sq ft house located in Coral Springs (roof cleaning), Florida was successfully cleaned by Fox Roof Cleaning. It took us 3 to 4 coats to get it completely clean. We spent over 110 gallons of mix which is a lot more than the average.
  9. FoxCPM

    GMC W4500 / Isuzu NPR Service/repair manual

    Does anybody have a service manual in PDF file to share? There are a bunch of boards and forums about any other brand trucks, but not Isuzu.. In fact this is the most common used truck by contractors in USA. Does anybody know what tranny fluid does it use and does it have an internal filter...
  10. FoxCPM

    It all goes back in the box...

    <iframe title="YouTube video player" src="" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="390" width="640"></iframe>.....
  11. FoxCPM

    Arizona State is Insane..

    I'm at Phoenix airport right now and car rentals start at $750 for 3 days... Same thing for Tucson where I am heading to... This is insane, down in lovely state of Florida rental cars start at $20 bucks a day. What is up with this state? :) D.
  12. FoxCPM

    Chlorine Respirators

    If you clean roofs, this cartridge is a must! Distributors, please keep them in stock so contractors buy them from you instead of ebay (expired) :). D.
  13. FoxCPM

    Buying Bank Repo Equipment

    Has anyone bought equipment from third party online companies with bank repo equipment for sale? Apparently they are just promoting the equipment, but don't have it in their possession. How does it work? Thanks, D.
  14. FoxCPM

    Gum Removal in Fort Lauderdale & Miami

    Gums on commercial properties in Miami & Fort Lauderdale, South East Florida are no longer an issue. Fast and safe gum removal by Fox. <iframe title="YouTube video player" src="" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="390" width="480"></iframe>
  15. FoxCPM

    ridgid gas air compressor

    Is $375 a good deal for it? Thanks! D.
  16. FoxCPM

    Free Diaphragm Pump

    I've got this pump for free from an auto shop going out of business. I am not familiar with diaphragm pumps and wanted to ask if this thing could be turned into a roof cleaner... 1. Looks like the air inlet 2. pump fluid inlet or outlet? 3. air pressure gauge? 4. air pressure regulator valve...
  17. FoxCPM

    NPR/GMC W4500 Maintenance

    How much do you guys pay to change rotors, pads and I think brake pistons on all 4 wheels? The rear ones need new drums I think.. Also do you ever clean the intrecooler? What else do you do to prolong the life of these beasts? How much is a rebuilt kit for this engine and what is the average...
  18. FoxCPM

    Cell Phone for Pressure Washers

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  19. FoxCPM

    Commercial window cleaning

    I have a customer who wants me to do windows on vacancy storefronts. I need a little help as far as pricing and a proper proposal. If someone could PM me with some tips, I will appreciate it. Thanks! D.
  20. FoxCPM

    Florida Sales Tax

    I was told that labor service for commercial accounts is subject to sales tax in Florida. Do you guys in Florida who do commercial service charge sales tax? Thanks!