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    Hey guys. Haven't had a chance to post in a while. However I thought I'd take a minute tonight. I talked to a PW in my area today and in conversation he said something I thought some of you guys might want to know. He told me that the two Chic-fil-a's here use different PWers to clean but...
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    New surface cleaner

    Can anyone look at the to attached pics and tell me what maybe going on? I'm wondering if one problem is that I should have moved faster and probably removed more surface than totally neccessary. However I am also perplexed by the second pic which shows a section washed on the left and...
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    Just clean the oil stains???

    There is a diner that asked me for a quote to do a quick cleaning of the oil spots at the parking spots. It looks like they haven't been cleaned in a couple of years. New manager wants it cleaned. He said he already did the sidewalk and dumpster corral with his "little pressure washer". It...
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    Remote Electric Start

    Mr. DeRosa or anyone for that matter. Not that picky as long as the advice is good. Could someone tell me where I would go to get the necessary supplies to turn a Hot Water pressure washer on and off by remote? Kind of like a remote car start? Everyone down here looks at me like I'm crazy...