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    Sirocco Reclaim Vacuum

    I Bought this unit to do some inside work and haven't used it. Its just been sitting in the garage , so I'm selling it minus the Tank. I'm keeping it to hook in line on a Blower setup. Its a PEV 1 with a Surface Cleaner and it came from Sun Brite Supply . For some reason it will not let me post...
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    Racor fuel filter

    I have a Legacy fuel filter on my machine (Fuel Water Separator) and would like to change to a Racor anyone have the part # for the element ?
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    Gas Price

    Driving through town this evening and every gas station was so full that you cant even pull of the road to get in. So Im like what is going on? I call a friend of mine that owns a gas station out where I live to ask questions:confused: ...Then the response I get was a shock:eek: :eek: He tells...
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    Bad Day!!

    My son and I got in a wreck today the other guy crossed the center like and hit us head on
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    Pool Cleaning

    I am looking for some insight if you will on acid washing a pool,,I got a home owner wanting to redo his pool, I'm looking for some one who has done this before( I have done a few but looking for some with more experience ) any one care to share :confused: :D
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    Help on Bid

    Ive got a customer that want me to give a bid on a building. This building is 150000 square feet 2 story concrete block building, painted. Looking for some info, hoping to get some input on how others might bid this job. I would like to stay within a reasonable price just not sure what PRICE to...