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    PWNC Welcomes New & Renewing Associates!

    Can't let this year end without welcoming our new & renewing 2011 Associates! Byron Briney, Ambassador Window Cleaning & Maintenance (Associate Contractor) Len Sutton, Palmetto Home & Deck (Associate Contractor) Russ Johnson, Southside Equipment (Associate Vendor) Jake Clark, Armstrong Clark...
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    Charleston SC!

    The PWNC is excited to announce that we will be present (along with the booth that Guy WILL be returning!) on Wednesday and Thursday at NCE's Charleston Expo! We have a FREE moisture meter for any NC / SC contractor that joins the network or renews at the expo.....details will be at the booth...
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    PWNC Spring Networking Event

    North Carolina and South Carolina Contractors - please mark your calender to attend our local spring networking event! This is open to ALL NC/SC contractors and will be a very focused event, specifically for issues & opportunities in the Carolinas. Date: Saturday, May 15, 2010 Location...
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    Group Forums

    The PWNC has a group forum - it is private, by invitation only. There seem to be a few bugs in using this feature. It is GREAT to have these - eliminates the need to have our own forum, but it would be even GREATER if it were a little more user friendly! Thanks!
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    PWNC Newsletter 2010!

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    Worst concrete clean - EVER!

    This is a site that Carolina ProWash will be visiting tomorrow to hopefully rectify the mess here. Check out the worst example of concrete cleaning in pressure washing history!!! It has definitely been used in our most recent PWNC blog
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    PWNC Newsletter addresses Enviro Cleaning

    The spring edition of the PWNC Contractor Connection hit email boxes last week with some interesting things arriving in the NC/SC areas. If you did NOT receive your newsletter, please check your spam folders or insure that you have signed up for it by visiting the PWNC site...
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    PWNC Contractor Only Meetings - Wash Water Workshop Charlotte NC

    The PWNC will be holding two meetings in conjunction with the Wash Water Seminar being held in Charlotte, NC on April 30th. There will be a meeting the evening prior to the workshop for contractors coming into Charlotte early. There will be a lunch immediately following the workshop. These...
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    PWNC Welcomes New Additions

    The PWNC would like to welcome our most recent additions to the network: Randy Schmolke, InterCoastal Pressure Cleaning, SC Mike Sullivan, Pressure Washing Pro, NC
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    PWNC site being rebuilt

    The PWNC is redesigning & rebuilding the site. The new site will feature a larger version of business cards. If you have submitted a business card to us for placement, please resubmit your card (hi-res files) as all previous submissions have been resized and are little now! I need full size...
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    Another view on the Drought

    This is an email submitted to Cleaner Times last month in response to the Editor's Note - The contractor who wrote it is very active with the PWNC but is not a forum participant. There are activities outside of these boards. Subject: Cleaner Times, March 2008 Editor's Note I received the...
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    Drought Meeting - Media Coverage

    This date was initially set as a PWNC meeting. Since that time, there has been conflicting media coverage and slightly badly worded broadcasts and publications regarding the circumstances in areas. This meeting, although arranged by PWNC associates, is NOT about the PWNC anymore. It's about...
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    PWNC wants your photos!

    The PWNC is asking for photo dontations for a video compilation. It has been duly noted that YouTube is a great outlet for getting out there and the PWNC wants to jump on the bandwagon. We are trying to compile photos of the nastiest homes, roofs, buildings, dumpsters, sidewalks, parking lots...
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    PWNC Taking on Media

    While water restrictions may be causing business owners to have one or two additional steps to remain in business, irresponsible media broadcasts are damaging our chances of recovering. A prime example of the lop-sided message that is being produced is highlighted in red below. “Monday...
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    Attn: Wake County, Nc Washers

    If you are a power washing company in the Wake County area, specifically Raleigh, Zebulon and other cities, you need to send an email to the following City Council members before their meeting tomorrow at 1:00. If you are available, you should attend the meeting located at 222 W. Hargett St, Rm...
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    PWNC to Meet in Raleigh NC

    The PWNC is making plans for another meeting, this time in Raleigh, NC, to present the program as well as take suggestions. The date is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, March 1. For more information, please visit PWNC and sign up for our newsletter. Next issue will go out 2/10/2008...