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  1. RandyL

    buying a new truck

    I am looking to get some advice from people here. I am looking at getting myself a new pickup. For the most part it will be for personal use. But I want to be able to be able to put a pressure washer and a tank in the back if needed for a large job or pull a trailer with them. I want 4wd...
  2. RandyL

    Wow great MNF game

    Although I have Romo and Owens on my fantasy team. And I was just hoping to see romo get a TD to him to give me a boost over all those int's and the fumble. And as a added bonus the Yankee's lost and are out of the playoffs
  3. RandyL

    Firework Burns on concrete

    Hey everyone! I went to a movie theater this morning to clean their side walks, and noticed that some people got a little firework happy on the sidewalks in front of the building. I have not really encountered these before that I needed to try to clean up. Is this something that I will just...