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  1. Scott1

    Need help with a 5 story hotel

    I am a school teacher who pressure washes part time. I do alot of commercial flatwork( shopping centers, office parks, etc...), some building washing and alot of houses. I have been asked to quote a 5 story hotel. I am planning to call Sunbelt and ask for the safest lift that can be used in this...
  2. Scott1

    HELP!!! with alunimuml siding

    Guys and gals, I recently washed a house in about 100 degree heat. ( You can see what is coming.) The house has aluminum siding. I prewet the surface, applied "Emulsifier Plus" from Envirospec with the Xjet from the bottom to the top. I rinsed the windows and hooked up the extension wand and...
  3. Scott1

    Debris from Sidewalks

    How many of you pick up, sweep or wash away the debris left from the sidewalk when washing shopping centers? The reason I ask is from an experience I had this weekend.The property manager asked me to remove as much of the caution paint at the curb as possible because they will be line...
  4. Scott1

    New member

    Hi all, I have read this board , but have not contributed. It is time. I p/w part time and am a school teacher. I am trying to increase my business to the point that I can do this full time. I am up to 28 shopping centers and office parks that I clean on a periodical basis. I want an 8 gpm...