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  1. mistersqueegee

    Tapatalk app

    I've been loving the Tapatalk app for keeping up on the forums but lately I can't get into this forum. It keeps telling me my login info is wrong but I've double checked and I'm doing it right. Any idea what's going on?
  2. mistersqueegee

    Blast! from Clean Matters Magazine

    Check it out Sent from my SM-G930R4 using Tapatalk
  3. mistersqueegee

    Have you subscribed to Clean Matters Magazine?

    If not take a little time and fill out the form. It's free and the only industry magazine that's geared to your customers.
  4. mistersqueegee

    Clean Matters Magazine

    The only magazine designed for the mobile cleaning industry will release its convention issue soon. If you have a customer centric article, product release, industry news related bulletin, etc please contact us at To subscribe or read past or current issues go to...
  5. mistersqueegee

    My new Tucker CF35

    Just an update on the new pole. I finally took the time to switch my conversions off my Gardiner to my new Tucker CF35. I quickly discovered that the number one section of the Tucker is larger than the Gardiner making my plans to use my hose less conversion impossible. While initially...
  6. mistersqueegee

    Handy cordless sill vacuum

    A must have for window cleaners Tony Evans Call or Text 319-325-9475
  7. mistersqueegee

    Removing screens for exterior cleaning

    Quick video on removing a common style of screen for window or house washing. Tony Evans Call or Text 319-325-9475
  8. mistersqueegee

    Can I Get a Partial Cleaning?

    The short answer is, yes. The better answer is, that depends. While it's always possible to clean select windows or one wall of a property in reality a partial cleaning isn't in your best interest in most cases. Why? Continue...
  9. mistersqueegee

    Video tour of our trailer Tony Evans Call or Text 319-325-9475
  10. mistersqueegee

    New Tucker pole line

    Updating the granddaddy of water fed poles. Tony Evans Call or Text 319-325-9475
  11. mistersqueegee

    Dye sublimation shirts

    Just got this one to see what all the fuss was about. I have to say it's an incredibly comfortable shirt. Looks like we'll be getting one designed for the company uniform. Tony Evans Call or Text 319-325-9475
  12. mistersqueegee

    You need these upgrades

    I can't recommend highly enough the upgrades I've made in this video. Water fed pole technology has come a long way in the last couple of years and I'm always amazed at how it keeps improving. Tony Evans Call or Text 319-325-9475...
  13. mistersqueegee

    Pure water 101

    A little pure water 101 for those thinking about getting into water fed pole window cleaning. There are two basic ways to purify your water. Deionized resin or multi stage filtration. Each has pros and cons. With few exceptions deionized resin systems (DI) are practical with source water...
  14. mistersqueegee

    Water fed pole upgrades

    If you have a water fed pole you should seriously consider these two upgrades. Tony Evans Call or Text 319-325-9475
  15. mistersqueegee

    I'm running for the UAMCC Board of Directors

    I put together a brief bio on my qualifications. Any comments or critiques are welcome Tony Evans Call or Text 319-325-9475
  16. mistersqueegee

    DI filter replacement

    Changing the DI filter in my H2Pro Tony Evans Call or Text 319-325-9475
  17. mistersqueegee

    Old phone, new use

    What I do with my old smartphone Tony Evans Call or Text 319-325-9475
  18. mistersqueegee

    New Tucker brush prototypes

    RHG has once again brought the Tucker brand forward with the new Tucker brush prototypes, a boars hair and hybrid boars hair and nylon brush. I fully believe the hybrid will be the solution to those dirtier than average windows or solar panels. Tony Evans Call or Text...
  19. mistersqueegee

    Love my job

    Can't beat the instant gratification of what we do Tony Evans Call or Text 319-325-9475
  20. mistersqueegee

    New website introduction video

    Thanks to the UAMCC and Linda Chambers of Soap Warehouse we won a 60 second professionally made video. I couldn't be happier with the end product. Tony Evans Call or Text 319-325-9475