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  1. cgibson

    First question for Phil

    What is your take on the Boston fire?
  2. cgibson

    Trace anyones cell phone

    This is really freaky, they rely on some sort of GPS system to trace your cell phone
  3. cgibson

    Matt wanted me to post this

    Can you post this in PWI for me? Thanks. I just want to appologize to the members this board for what has been occuring in the past few days. I was only trying to set up an April Fools joke when I set up the new site, and unfortunately it got out of hand. Please do not be angry at Jason Grogan...
  4. cgibson

    El Negro

    There is a joke here waiting for the right guy to tell it. I am not the right guy.
  5. cgibson

    Where do I start with this one????

    This is one of the worst ones I have seen in a long time. It is a hotel - has 2 long laterals with very limited access - I could not even get to any of the access doors in the ceiling. They have built a wooden shed on the roof to hide the noise the fans make and have added discharges made of...
  6. cgibson

    a sign from god

    I looked at this church kitchen today. They told me the fire marshal asked them to hang this sign in their kitchen. :D
  7. cgibson

    Anyone use NFPA Guidelines??

    Chris: “Attached is the estimate you requested for the kitchen exhaust cleaning at your facility. Thanks, Chris” Mr. Miller: “This seems a little high Chris...for such a small kitchen/oven/stove area.” Chris: ”Yes you are right it is a bit high the first time. Mainly because it has not...
  8. cgibson

    Magic Wand needed

    Take a look at the photos and then the text of the lead sent to me. Pay attention to what caller told the secretary in the office. XXX Burgers XXXXXXXAve XXXXX 90XXX NEVER BID; NOT EX-CUSTOMER 6/23/2006 - XXXXX called in response to a letter; he wants an estimate for exhaust cleaning. They...
  9. cgibson

    They almost seem to contradict each other.

    Take a look at the photos and then the text of the lead sent to me. What the caller told the secretary in the office is very different from what I actually saw out there. They almost :D seem to contradict each other. XXXXX's XXX N XXX Dr XXXXXXXPark 913XX XXX-XXX-7XXX Mark NEVER BID; NOT...
  10. cgibson

    Are these guys brothers??

    I ran accross this sticker a couple weeks ago. Actually it was the day that Jason came out with Matt and I. I knew it looked familiar. Different phone numbers. Maybe they are brothers or maybe they use the same printing company??:eek:
  11. cgibson

    Anyone out there still blowing powder??

    Got a call last week from a guy wanting a bid. He said that he just had his guy clean it last week but would like a bid for the next time it is due. He wanted to save some money and maybe get better service (always has to call his guy several times to get him to show up. He pays $80.00.
  12. cgibson

    Chinese job

    Here is another chinese job. It was Chinese and is being turned into a trendy american restaurant. They want us to clean these ducts and fans before the new ansul system goes in.........I guess they think it will be cheaper than installing new ducts??
  13. cgibson

    Which company would you hire?

    I was called out to an old customer who wanted us back again. They had left a many years ago because of price. I like the simple approach of this competitor:eek:
  14. cgibson

    Is this good work?

    New Manager: "This guy from some company I have never heard of who looked homeless came in a couple of weeks ago to clean my hood and I have no idea what he did. He was nothing like what I used to see from you guys when you came to __________ where I used to work". I want you guys in here...
  15. cgibson

    Middle ducts inaccessible??

    If the duct is difficult to scrape is it inaccessible??
  16. cgibson

    Are these fans inaccessible???

    Just wondering if anyone would consider these fans inaccesible?
  17. cgibson


    What if anything can be done here??
  18. cgibson

    Who can guess what restaurant these photo were taken at???

    A little guessing game for anyone who knows grease. What is the name of the restaurant where these photo were taken
  19. cgibson

    Trouble up at the country club.

    I went to a very exclusive, prestigious country club on Frday to give them a bid on exhaust cleaning. They had been using one of those "fly-by-night" companies. He was not doing much for them. I also found a stove with no hood or fire supression.:eek: These things were that last thing I...
  20. cgibson

    Lets Start the new year off with some grease.

    Ok here is yet another Chinese Restaurant to start the new year with.