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    Need help bidding on a barrel tile roof

    I need some help from our experts. I have a 6100 square foot barrel tile roof to bid on. I have included the pitch in the square footage. It is a 2 story home and the customer does not want anyone to walk on it so it must be done from a lift. It has never been cleaned in 20 years so it is really...
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    Help! I need samples of forms.

    I am in need of samples of various forms (residential, commercial, bidding, estimate, etc. ) If you have any and are willing to share, please PM me or email me at Thank you in advance for any considerations. I have finally got my feet wet and have completed 2...
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    Contest!!!!!! Happy Holidays- all you gotta do is Posts

    Thanks Lori. I look forward to reviewing your catalog and products. You get great reviews so I am impressed!
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    Bobby from Lumberton, TX

    Hello PWI and all of the members and staff here. Let me formally introduce myself. My name is Bobby Wheeler and I will be starting Hydro Services Power Wash in March of 2010. I have 22 years experience in the industrial cleaning market primarily with hydro blasting in 10,000 psi to 40,000 psi...