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  1. Clean County PW

    Would you like to learn about Parking Garage Cleaning?

    My Next Class will be Feb 9th at the Wash-Mart University event in Houston Tex Feb 9-11 event. If you're interested check out my class link here. Click here Our Talented Speaker: John Tornabene From Clean County Power Washing Parking garage cleaning expert John Tornabene of Clean County...
  2. Clean County PW

    Check in so we can see who still comes here.

    17yrs later I'm still here:)
  3. Clean County PW

    After 5yrs it's good to be back!

    Thanks Ron for adding me back in here after almost 5 years. I can't think of anyone who may have been here when I first came on to PWI 8/14/01 outside of you when you first started this bulletin board a couple of days earlier. I'll never forget a bunch of us went through 9-11 together right here...
  4. Clean County PW

    Post some Famous/motivational/controversial/ or just funny quotes.

    Man there are some wild quotes out there... And not all from Tony Shelton(smile). "If you got them by the balls there hearts and minds will follow"- the Duke John Wayne
  5. Clean County PW

    Time for healing PW industry wounds???

    As some of you know I'm helping with the Vegas Parking garage Event. I would throw that all away if there was a way to heal this industries wounds. The forever bickering of "Where right your wrong" or "I'm right your wrong" etc etc etc. Is never ending here. My father owned his own business and...
  6. Clean County PW

    Who moderates PWN bb??

    When I put a post on PWN in certain areas it comes back to me as saying the moderators will review it before it gets posted. It's been like this for me now around 2 yrs. It also seems like the post never comes out? Did the mods fall asleep over there? What's going on there?
  7. Clean County PW

    To sit in with some EPA and other officials.

    Some of us are curious to see who would be interested in sitting in with some officials from anyone of the following and if where lucky maybe a couple from each EPA,POTW,AHJ's and people who are influential that can maybe help get this Industry more on the map. This would be a question and...
  8. Clean County PW

    Vegas Parking Garage Event March 26-28

    For all parking garage cleaners and potential cleaners put March 26-28 on your schedule for a must attend event. We have aprox 5 companies so far that are in agreement to bring there equipment down to this event to be used to do a one of a kind event where whoever attends gets to use each piece...
  9. Clean County PW

    Smiley face Icons don't work??

    Does anyone have this problem where you can't see or post one of the smiley icons here? When I see someone else post them it shows up as a little blank page where the icon would go. This goes for all the small icons. I use my I-Pad,Droid,Laptop or table top PC and everyone has the same...
  10. Clean County PW

    Ron M. Your PM box is full.

    Ron your PM box is filled to the gills. Let me in brotherman.
  11. Clean County PW

    Still driving it home for the Powerwashers and Baseballs greatest

    Here's a pic or two. Movie got awesome reviews and more is being done. This is in the executive suite at the Times Square bldg on the 15th floor. There were only 160 seats for this private screening and we allowed standing room only as well. There's 3 screens in these tight quarters. We almost...
  12. Clean County PW

    My Hideaway work shop/Building trailer set up

    Tony Shelton can't spy over the white speed trailer because he's allergic to it. Haha got you tony (Smile) In here is where I mix things,build things and dream about building things. My shop tools and my Swabby is in my garage where the Swabby is getting retooled with new Swivels,Bars, and other...
  13. Clean County PW

    PWNA Mug/Beer for Ron

    Hey Ronnie this beer and Mug is for you... Darn what a good mix... For the beer drinkers who aren't afraid to mix pale ale and dark beers Mississippi Mud is awesome... For Organization,Associations or whatever your promoting.. The hint here is the beer(Smile)
  14. Clean County PW

    My PWI hide away wargame room

    This is my office in my 15,000 sq' bldg errrr I mean 150sq' extra room in my house. I used to have a hideaway real office that paid me well to do what I was doing in here.. Anyone looking over my Actually its all fun and in between some real business gets done sometimes to (Smile)
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  16. Clean County PW

    Who's still here on PWI from it's beginning in 2001?

    I remember Vividly Ron Starting PWI in August 2001 because a month later 9/11 happened and a bunch of us wil be forever linked in our memories as riding this out thru the net together. There were no FB,twitter and not even Myspace(launched in 03) Just checking the dates now- Ron went public...
  17. Clean County PW

    Do you support it when a contractor threatens to sue a bb & the volunteering mods?

    Do you support it when a contractor threatens to sue a bb & the volunteering mods? I posted this last night & it looks like the guilty person pulled it. So I'll try again. Are you a fan of people trying to do scare tactics by threatening mods who volunteer and also to sue tue bulletin board...
  18. Clean County PW

    UAMCC convention-thoughts and idea's

    Time heals all wounds unless your the type of person that never lets time heal anything. Passion can cause people who care to maybe care to much. Friends became frienenemies(heard this word for the first time recently). Just a thought that I'm throwing on the table. I never had a discussion...
  19. Clean County PW

    Who does there own welding?

    The company I used for this has gone out of business. They were only 15 minutes from my house. Bummer. Now because I am always fixing and modifying my setups I'm starting to think maybe I should learn how to Weld. So who here welds and how did you learn how how to do that?
  20. Clean County PW

    Motor/belt driven surface machine vs. Typical water driven.

    Why hasn't the everyday Powerwashing concrete cleaning jumped into the 21st century yet? Water driven surface machines are the norm. You buy a 24" surface machine it will run you aprox in the $600 range with some brands being more expensive and other brands maybe a few bucks cheaper. Why don't...