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  1. jlpressure

    Newbie here, anyone know how to wash a JL

    Hey got a text from Ron today so I thought I'd come on and say hey..."Hey" Hope everyone is doing great, who's out here now? Been staying real busy, kids are growing and into all kinds of stuff, been having a blast with the family. Son is doing AAU basketball tournaments, daughter doing all...
  2. jlpressure

    Looking for rig, thanks

    Anyone know of any equipment W/trailer or truck set up for sale? Looking for a ready to go set up, just really dont have time to set one up and need one quick Looking for something with at least one 5.5 cold water machine, tank & reels, prefer 2, 5.5 cold water or higher gpm machines in good to...
  3. jlpressure

    How the heck are you all

    I just realized I haven't been on PWI much in a while. Tony S posted on my Facebook saying Happy B Day to my boy Joshua, yup he turned 9 on the 18th and Tony's Fayth just had her 10th B day, wow kids just grow up to fast. Seeing Tony on FB reminded me I hadnt been on PWI much ( You staying out...
  4. jlpressure

    Another day at the beach JL Pressure Washing 6 story building washing Myrtle Beach

    We did this 2 weeks ago, real moldy, we washed the building, pool deck, walkways and more. JL Pressure Washing cleaned it up great, the HOA was thrilled. Just another day at the office/beach
  5. jlpressure

    PWI working

    I got a call from a manager I have known for years but dont do much work for any more because she managers single family homes. Well she calls and says a national builder here has a problem and they did some research and they came up with a product and my name JL Pressure Washing was all over...
  6. jlpressure

    Myrtle Beach washes Tommy TNT

    Hey Myrtle Beach washers and everyone else. Say a little prayer for Tommy of TNT Pump, he had a heart attack Saturday and quad bypass Monday. I spoke with his daughter in law and it looks like he will be OK but won't be back to fixing everyone's equipment for at the earliest 6 weeks. For those...
  7. jlpressure

    KIds photos Post them if your proud!!!

    I'm a lucky man. Love those kids
  8. jlpressure

    10 story building ressure washing Myrtle Beach JL Pressure Washing

    Here's a 10 story high dryvit building we did Monday. Another one with a lot of mold & mildew to remove. We used the same 125 foot lift from the job the week before. Had 1 day rental left. I originally quoted this for renting an 80ft lift. Since I had a day left on the 125 footer I asked this...
  9. jlpressure

    Dryvit Mold & Mildew removal JL Pressure Washing Myrtle Beach SC

    No problem, I'm just a show off. I like seeing work pictures, figure everyone else does too. In many areas we were using straight 12% through Xjet. There also were some flower boxes on this building and we used pump up sprayer with straight 12%, would of used roof pump, just didnt feel like...
  10. jlpressure

    Dryvit Mold & Mildew removal JL Pressure Washing Myrtle Beach SC

    This is some mildew removal on dryvit on a high rise we did in November. These bands are some of the toughest areas to clean, they are the first areas to show mold & mildew and get it on them the most. We had to do a few applications of a very strong mix. The 3rd picture is just a gravity wash...
  11. jlpressure

    Mt Pleasant & Myrtle Beach JL Pressure Washing

    Here's a couple more recent winter preure washing projects. We did several townhome buildings and brick walls in Mt Pleasant and the high rise power washing project was in Myrtle beach, we cleaned the half walls and a couple side walls from the walkways. It cleaned up awesome, black mildew just...
  12. jlpressure

    Building washing JL Pressure Washing in North Myrtle Beach SC

    Nice view from up there of the Intercoastal
  13. jlpressure

    Apartment building breezeway cleaning JL pressure washing in Myrtle Beach SC

    We do a ton of covering, just makes sense. I have seen a ton of damage from others over the years. One property had over 50 Exit lights fried by a company. The property was scared to have the buildings washed again. I met with the HOA and showed them what we do. The job went great and we still...
  14. jlpressure

    Apartment building breezeway cleaning JL pressure washing in Myrtle Beach SC

    We did a bunch of breezeways, small garage buildings. leasing office and mail box area a few weeks ago. This warm weather this winter sure makes it a little nicer to work. JL Pressure Washing getting it done
  15. jlpressure

    Plastic sheeting JL Pressure Washing

    Got a great deal on plastic sheeting saved over over $14 a box buying a half skid of it over Lowes prices, could of saved more if I bought a whole skid, but didnt need 128 boxes. 10x100' 2 mil, we use it a lot, but 128 boxes would of lasted 3 years or more.
  16. jlpressure

    Building washing JL Pressure Washing in North Myrtle Beach SC

    Here's some pictures of a 14 story building we did last week. There was extreme mold & mildew. The building front never sees more than an hour of sun any given day. Used 125 foot lift total height on the lift 132'. Job went great, cleaned up nice
  17. jlpressure

    Thanks PWI Staff

    Nah, just twice when you or tony drove me nuts. Royal Flushes New Years Eve for sure Thanks again staff, Merry Christmas to all
  18. jlpressure

    Got to love kids

    Yes it does, so long ago
  19. jlpressure

    Need office Tech, biz advisor and manager

    I need to come into the 21st century in my office but don’t know how to find the help I need. I have always held off getting any kind of office help because I have a home office and just didn’t want to bring a stranger into my house. I did hire my nephew for 6 months that was a mistake Well, I...
  20. jlpressure

    My New Postcard

    Got to love Vistaprint templates. I like this one