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  1. JDhomeservices

    Business cards from Jeff Smith

    I recently ordered some cards from Jeff, and they are super nice! 16 PT stock, and glossy on both sides. Didn't cost any more than I would have paid either. Also, thanks to Red for the design. These turned out great. Highly recommended. Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk
  2. JDhomeservices

    How would you clean boat docks? (CWA compliant)

    Doing an estimate on these today. Was planning on using percarb, but don't know if it would be strong enough, or if that is even okay to rinse into the water. I'm pretty sure there are no contractors out here with reclaim. Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk
  3. JDhomeservices

    My ultimate house washing machine!

    I recently set up a 13 HP engine with 7 GPM. This thing is PERFECT for residential washing! Washes houses almost as fast as an 8 GPM, sips gas like a 4 GPM, and still has just enough pressure to run a 20" surface cleaner on driveways! This thing is amazing! Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk
  4. JDhomeservices

    Got my iPad!

    Thanks, Ron Musgraves and PWI! Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk
  5. JDhomeservices

    Dual feeding pump

    Thinking about setting up a pump for dual feeding. Anybody else doing this? How do you do it? What size hose do you start with, what kind of splitter, what size hose after the split? Pictures would be awesome. Thanks. Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk
  6. JDhomeservices

    Big thanks to David from Tiger Wash!

    Ever since 3 weeks ago when I hired David to take over my SEO, my rank for "pressure cleaning Wilmington, NC" has gone from the bottom of the page to being the very first link on Google. Some of the more competitive keyword phrases like "pressure washing Wilmington, NC" are moving up pretty fast...
  7. JDhomeservices

    Minimum temp to use F9?

    I have a batery acid stain removal job to do, but the high today is only 48. Customer really wants it done ASAP, but would it even work? Supposed to get into the low 60's next week. Should I just wait? Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk
  8. JDhomeservices

    Battery acid stain/ paint removal

    Have a job to do that involves removing battery acid stain, some Behr latex paint, and some spray paint. What should I use for the paint? Can it be done with cold water? How much would you guys charge for this? Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk
  9. JDhomeservices

    Engine shutting itself off.

    My Pressure Pro with a GX390 and EZ4040G pump keeps shutting itself off. I just bought it from a guy who I met through PW forums, and this thing still has probably less than 200 hours on it. Plenty of gas and oil. It cranks right up, pressure starts low, builds gradually, and when I let go of...
  10. JDhomeservices

    Inline swivels

    I recently did a lot of flat work helping out another company this week. I wasted a lot of time trying to get hoses untwisted and untangled. I have not been using swivels on my hoses, but would this help a lot with the problem? What kind of inline swivels do you use? Mosmatic or super swivel...
  11. JDhomeservices

    Does your SH smell like caustic?

    I always thought my SH would have kind of a funky smell from time to time, rather than a typical bleach smell. I recently realized it smells exactly like caustic. Harder to cover the smell with Lemon Aide or Elemonator, and seems like it doesn't work quite as well as when it just smells like a...
  12. JDhomeservices

    Pricing help

    What do you guys think? Strip and re-seal. I have no idea how long this will take me or how much product I will need. Wood decks were pretty rare in Florida, but everyone up here in North Carolina seems to have them. I'm going to have to learn how to do this some time. Sent from my DROID RAZR...
  13. JDhomeservices

    How to create "review us" button for website?

    I have seen some people have a button on their websites to make it easier for them to get Google reviews. I have spent quite a while trying to research how to add this to my website, but can't seem to find any relative results. Go figure. You can Google anything but how to use Google. Anyone...
  14. JDhomeservices

    Need help closing bid.

    Put in a bid Friday. Was about 3000 sq ft two story with very steep roof. (with gutters) House has been neglected, with white siding covered top to bottom with green mold. I bid $750 for a roof clean, $350 for house wash, and $50 for optional gutter brightening. Total- $1100. Got this email...
  15. JDhomeservices

    Will pay BIG for NC subcontracting jobs...

    Okay, I'm getting desperate. This starting from scratch in a new state business is not working out nearly as well as I had hoped... Considering applying for jobs and washing on the weekends since I don't have more than a couple days worth of work per week anyway. After 6 years of being self...
  16. JDhomeservices

    Let's see your trucks!

    My next priority for marketing is going to be getting some lettering on my truck. I'd like to see some examples of how others have this set up to give me some ideas. Thanks!
  17. JDhomeservices

    New Youtube video for my company

    Had my wife film me washing our house and made a promo video. What do you guys think?
  18. JDhomeservices

    Engines revving, and sputtering out

    Both of my pressure washers have GX 390 engines. Every morning when I first start them up, the RPM's fluctuate up and down and eventually sputter out. Seems to sputter out quicker if I leave them in bypass. I usually have to fool with them for about 30 minutes letting water run through them and...
  19. JDhomeservices

    Anyone using Responsibid?

    I would like to get honest opinions from anyone who is using this program. I got a chance to talk to the Responsibid guys at the Nashville event, and they seemed like pretty good guys. At $150 a month the price seems a little steep, especially for the budget that I'm working with. But what got...
  20. JDhomeservices

    What do you guys think?

    Is this the result is a bad pressure washing job? Looks like it to me. I see this stuff EVERYWHERE up here. Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk 2