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  1. radfly

    Best Power Wash Products I have Ordered Recently

    Ok guys, These are the four best power wash accessories I have ordered and utilized in the last few weeks... Ranked. 1) F13 Gutter Grenade; fantastic product, brush on, dwell 5 minutes and spray... gonna do this for all future wash jobs, at least on the first floor gutters. 2) Suttner...
  2. radfly


    So, I just paid 12.99 for ground shipping for a swivel and 1 gallon of chemical..... Getting tired of paying half my order for shipping... Is there a decent provider of power wash goods that does not charge exorbitant shipping charges? Thanks.
  3. radfly

    Neighbor Installing New Privacy Fence

    Guys, My neighbor is installing 700 ln ft 6 ft privacy fence, and the wood is still green... I would like to offer her a seal job..... What is the best sealant for a new fence? I am no wood expert so I am thinking Thompson's Water Seal... Also, what might be the best application method...
  4. radfly

    Best Shooter Nozzle

    Guys, my 0040 soap nozzle just barely reaches the top of a two story roof-line.... Looking for a good shooter nozzle to better hit the high places. Looking at the Assassin shooter from here.... thoughts?
  5. radfly

    Best Way to Restore a Wood Deck?

    Guys, I tested a small area with direct sprayed SH 8.5% mixed 50/50 with H2O, and it did nothing to remove the grey oxidation except for a small patch that I rubbed with my foot when it was dwelling.... Should I bump up to straight 8.5% and mix in a little lye? Thanks in advance.
  6. radfly

    GL Insurance, is it deductable?

    Team, this is my first year as a contractor and I am not very versed on business taxes... Question for those that are... Is general liability insurance tax deductible? Thank you.
  7. radfly

    TSP - Trisodium phosphate

    Anyone still use TSP for driveway cleaning or house wash mix? I have a small box and am wondering, never used it and may just throw it out... Thanks in advance...
  8. radfly

    Titan 4312 Reel connect to 3/8 Hose

    Just received my new 4312 reel with 150 ft of 3//8 hose and a 4 foot 3/8 connector hose... The Titan has 1/2 inch FPT on the output and on the swivel input so how is the best way to get the hose and the 4 ft connector hose fitted? Thanks in advance!
  9. radfly

    Whisper Wash Classic from Pressure Tek

    Guys, I just received my Whisper Wash Classic from PressureTek and it has a FPT input for some stupid reason, my hose is FPT output.... I unscrewed it to insert a MPT plug but the threads on the Whisper Wash are 5/8"... I am looking for a 5/8" MPT plug and so far cannot find one, any...
  10. radfly

    Competition - 79.95 Guys

    Saw a team in my neighborhood yesterday with a sign saying "$79.97 most houses". They did a good job with a soft vinyl wash and quick sidewalk clean, so I am left asking myself, as a start-up, how can I compete with this? I was thinking of charging .10 sq/ft for a soft-wash but wow, that is...