40" Vacuuming Surface Cleaner now available !

Sirocco Jerry

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The riding mower is the fastest way one man can clean HUGE areas of flatwork
..with maneuverability.
The deck, has taken a LONG time to develop ..but Patents Pending,
and here are the results..

If you’re going to push it with a handle..
It works with our SGV 3-16hp vacuum at 150 feet of 2” vac-hose (“umbilical”)..
I suggest a 23hp vac for power to spare, or irregular surfaces.
..and go to 31hp if you want to go fast, or beyond 200ft.
I recommend 8 gpm 3500psi min, to 14 gpm max.

When the deck is in a mower.. run 14gpm, with 31+ hp vac, 200ft hose,
and I believe you can expect 20,000 sq.ft. per hour or better !.
..’cause the mower won’t be slowed by a little irregularity in the “flat-surface”.
Beyond that still needs to be tested.
Also, it will work better and more easily with 2½” vac hose.

Price for the first 10 units to my friends in the blogs.. $ 3495. each,
or $2995. for anyone that has an SGV series Sirocco Vacuum system.

They have a simplistic mounting bracket for retrofit- install.. Call me for details.
I’m going to recommend a selling price through dealers at $3995.
plus, the install, onto the mower you purchase separately.
You provide the mower.. Install is provided separately, or you Do-It-Yourself.
I will ask all of you to report back, the performance on your jobsite,
..including video clips, and photos as possible. ..directly to me.
..and call us with every question, issue, or suggestion.
I’ve done the hard part.. I’ve made ‘em as efficient as possible.
Now, I need you to “drive it” and tell me “how fast YOU can go”.
The only thing that held me up in this project was the mower..
..because I don’t specialize in mowers. YOU need to choose that..
Most of you will choose a used one to save cost, and mount the deck yourselves anyway.

We aim to be your favorite supplier. ..directly, or through your favorite dealer.


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Sirocco Jerry

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I've been around enougfh race-cars to know how to make it "look nice",
but I aim for a compelling demo..
this baby delivers..
That's why I've said "it's ready".


That is really professional looking Jerry!

I am sure that it works great like all of your other systems you sell.

Sirocco Jerry

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16 hp version or larger.. for 40" deck

Jerry, that works with a 3hp system?
It works with our "SGV3 series" vacuum system 16 hp version or larger..
350cfm minimum, 500cfm can go faster..
the "functional efficiency" is almost perfect..
your jobsite probably is not.
Level variation beween concrete slabs and really-torn-up asphalt is a challenge,
but for large "reasonably flat" areas,
you will be happy that it works with a mid-size vacuum..
After the Swabby nightmares (someone else's mistakes),
many were convinced a 40hp vac would be required,
and towing a 3" vac-hose would be an expensive "drag".
I've proven that just isn't true.
You can get the performance (cfm's) through a smaller hose,
with more suction..
and THAT, we HAVE !

Sirocco Jerry

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actual weight.. is only 85lbs !

the deck was made to be as beefy as possible, without being overweight.
kevlar-reinforced fiberglass, stainless and aluminum hardware, etc.
I was hoping for less than 125lbs..
actual weight.. is only 85lbs !
..that's why I wasn't expecting it to be pushable,
and it actually IS !

Ron Musgraves

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Jerry, you estimated around 20k square feet an hour with 14gpm and 3500 psi. What would you estimate for an 8gpm at 3500 psi?

Sirocco Jerry

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With 8 gpm we had no stripes at 2ft per second.. or 24,000 sq ft per hour !

The 40" was planned to be the Maxi-version without going to a multi-deck system
Irregular surfaces make 98% reclaim almost impossible, without going to articulating deck.
An "air-seal" at the surface requires huge, (AKA.. expensive) vacuum.

Here's how far I got with the 40" deck..
I wasn't expecting to be able to "push" the deck..
While testing its ability to reclaim instantly, we put the handle on it, and realized..
..on flat, smooth surfaces, it can be pushed, and reclaims just fine,
..with a 16hp vacuum, ..and about 150 feet of 2" vac hose.
That is efficiency ! .. but the floor has to be slippery-smooth-level,
..like a well-sealed warehouse, shopping center or stadium.
On uneven surfaces, you can get 95-98% reclaim, until you hit a high-spot in the surface.
..where "pushing it" is impossible.. It binds, and is immoveable. period.

for the "intended application".. of mounting it in a mower,
It will work very well, since it reclaims nicely with a surprizingly small (AKA.. affordable) vacuum.
Applying enough HP to pull it at a partially-dragging position will be easy for the mower.
The wheels allow it to overcome uneven surfaces to a reasonable point, but this tool will be for large,
"resonably" smooth concrete.. tennis courts, strip malls, shopping centers, parking garages etc.
the trim-work will still require smaller tools on the site,
but let's face it.. a 3-man crew running at 20,000 sq.ft. per hour can make $750 per hour gross..
that's $16,000 per week ! ..at only 2 cents per foot !

I'd be posting a demo right now, if the concrete around our building wasn't so clean !
We couldn't get a shot of the unit being pushed fast enough to leave turbo-stripes that would show up in the video.
When we do, You will be impressed..
With 8 gpm we had no stripes at 2ft per second..
which equals 24,000 ft per hour by itself.
I'm expecting it to go faster at more gpm ( ..to 12 or 14 gpm max).
I'll have to drag it to a spot elsewhere, so I can show you how fast it goes without making stripes.
Video of that, will happen as soon as I can get 8 to 12gpm at 3500psi or better, to a dirty stripmall.
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Jerry, is there another bracket made or would you just rig it to where the handle connects if you wanted to connect it to a riding mower?

This could probably be connected to a driver unit for a parking lot striper. If you saw the drivable surface cleaner at Ft. Worth, that unit is just like a drive unit for a parking lot striper only that unit can steer where the parking lot striper driver unit has to be supported at the front and you steer with the handle bars of the parking lot striper.

This looks like a great machine, sure hope I can make it to Paul's round table to try it out.

Scott Stone

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With the arrrangement of the vacuum hoses, do you foresee and clearance problems under a ZTR mower? What is the overall height of the deck with the recovey hoses, and without the handle?

Sirocco Jerry

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overall height is 10" and distance between mounting tabs is 15" approx.

Hoses can be run last, after the hardware 'n all.
The bracket is in place, for a trailing-arm-style mounting..
that will give a reliable tracking, and height articulation.
..in the simplest fashion.. in whatever mower you ant to use.
If you buy new.. I like the serviceability of the Hustler 40.
whatever unit, you need hydrostatic drive, or you'll be fiddling with pulley changes, to get the speed control right.
send me images of what you ant tio mount it in, with measurements of the deck-height and mountings.. if you want help with configuration..
I'll make to easy for you.
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