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Russ Spence

Commercial Pressure Wash Expert
Well its Spring and I was hoping the problems of last year were behind us all and that we had matured into professional adults.

NOT true, In light of certain events I feel it is the best intrest of PWI and my own personal sanity to adress the issue at hand and lay down the guidelines for this year and the years to come or until I kill myself from the stress of dealing with the Roof cleaning forum and its members.

Rule #1 Self promotion is allowed but keep it respectable, I dont want to wake up everyday to 40 new threads that look like this ROOF CLEANING ANYTOWN USA

Rule #2 If someone starts a thread, it is their thread and only their thread, no attacks on their work, no posting your pics to make you look better than them, no redirects to your site. Just simply say "nice job" or "what did you use" or "what kind of pump" or "hows business" ........ you get the point?


* These are the ramifications if you are caught doing any of the above.

1st time -1 year ban and your signature will be removed and deleted (all links deleted) as well as your post will no longer be indexed, so all the self promotion will be in vain.

2nd Time - well that will be in 2010 since you will no longer be around in 2009 and you will never be welcome to post again, your account will be deleted and you IP address banned as well.

That being said good luck to everyone this year, we need to concentrate on our business and families with this economy the way it is, I hope you all do well.

These rules may be added to many times but the first two will not change, I say this because I know how crafty you guys are and I am sure you will try to find a way to bend the rules but I warn you I will have ZERO tolerence, this is not a democracy here, I dont ask moderators for votes I will simply take action, friend or not it will not matter who you are.
I'm with you 100% on this one Russ.
This is a great site, hope it never gets shut down.

I would get rid of people before I turned it off, it is a great place to share, learn and help others besides learning some great business information that is hard to find out there by yourself.

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I don't think he meant close down the whole site. It think that was just PW mafia talk for "some roof cleaners need to sleep with the fishes"....
Not open for further replies.