A Return to Guerilla Marketing

Its time to take a step back, re organize and attack. Guerilla Marketing is marketing on a small budget through very creative efforts. I would like to share a couple of key elements for all to get the post going. And I ask that you share you best Guerilla Marketing story or tip.

* Ground level marketing. Door to Door, hand to hand combat! Think about getting a 4 foot tall - 3 foot wide - two sided sign and place at the entrance of a neighborhood for three to four hours while you canvas door to door.
* Does your brand have a personality that you broadcast regularly to clients, friends, family and potential customers? A logo isnt a brand. A brand has a personality that people know and understand.
* Volunteering your services to build brand recognition. Think donating services to a large church and then having your truck parked their for all of the weekend services. For example. At our church that would mean 4000 people would see our box truck, our brand.
* The Hook? What is the customers call to action? What do you offer that encourages customers NOW?

This forum is not about marketing at the higher end of the process. Its about Guerilla Marketing. What is your best Guerilla Marketing technique?

Cullen Adams

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Putting signs up out the front of each job whilst you are undertaking the works, is a great way to build your brand and increase prospects in the vicinity.
I would definitely say that having a sign promoting your business which doubles as a safety barricade is an effective form of guerrilla marketing. You can further capitalize on this strategy by doing a letterbox drop of the street before you leave.


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I know a guy who had posted large 3x3? signs up high on telephone poles at major intersections all over that read something like this



I met him once and he told me he secured a rented temporary phone line that fwd to his main#

He told me he did pretty good and had a decent response...still remember that!