Another Ford Alternator question

Michael T

Not to hijack Tony's thread. I have a similar Alternator problem.
95 7.3L Diesel Everything works but I get this funny phenomenon. The lights in the whole truck pulse and sometime the battery gauge twitches ever so slightly with the pulse. It doesnt matter if it is low or high rpm it pulses the same. It pulses at 2 - 4 times per second. I dont really notice it but it is more obvious at low rpm, like at a stoplight or stopped. Do you think my alternator is getting ready to crater? The twitch kind of reminds me of a neon lights flickering. Any Ideas?


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Hey Michael. I'd make sure the cables are clean then look into the ground straps. In order to make sure the ground is good, you should remove the strap and clean the rust underneath it. Looking at the straps...they always "look" clean untill removed them.
Or yes, it could be an Alt or voltage regulator. Good luck.


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Time for a new altenator my last one did that and when I had it checked it was toast.

Go to one of the chain parts store and get one with a life time warranty.If the new one goes bad in a year just take it back and get your new one.You guys know I am a ford diesel freak I love working on these trucks as much as I do pressure washing.