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Does anyone use websites like Indeed, Careerbuilder, to find employees? If not how are you advertising for employees? Any advice would be appreciated. I'm hiring my first employee this season.
The best solution for hiring employees that I have found is going thru ADP and paying for the Human Resources. Its an additional monthly fee for ADP HR department. But they give you 3 FREE hiring posts. They post your Ad on ALL of the major hiring websites. Not just 1 like 10 of them or something. You also create the requirements etc. I went thru 30 TERRIBLE CL employees before I found this! lol
I've used FB. I like seeing the person's page and getting a feel for who they are before wasting time.

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A year ago I was recruiting people for my construction company in India. The shortage of young professionals is a big problem.
The acute shortage of good professionals in our country is nothing new. There are very few good platforms that could give you a good education and employment. Websites such as are little by little helping to deal with this problem. I was trained when I was 25. I was helped with employment and now I have excellent working conditions with good pay. In my opinion, if large companies that recruit staff, first trained people in their profession, it would help with this problem.
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I did when looking for part-time jobs. I didn't use such a site for my full-time job, though, as I have never seen announcements from the firefighter's departments on such websites :). I am just fooling around. I am sure that many folks from the IT-sphere found their jobs this way. In my spare time, I like to drive around doing different deliveries. I am struggling with money; my grandma left us a Prius after she passed. We couldn't bring ourselves to sell it, so it serves as a small source of income.
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