Brick sign cleaning questions


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I have a customer that wants 2 entrance signs washed for their neighborhood. As you can see from the pics, there is some heavy growth in the brick. What solution would you tackle this job with? Low pressure or soft washing? I'm leery of using pressure because of potentially damaging the brick/mortar.

I've never done signs before, so I'm also wondering what price range some of you would be at? Each sign is 30 ft long and up to 4 ft high, with both sides being cleaned.

DSCN0210 (800x600).jpgDSCN0211 (800x600).jpgDSCN0212 (800x600).jpgDSCN0213 (800x600).jpgDSCN0214 (800x600).jpg

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Very nice Greg. Love those dirty brick cleaning jobs

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How do you get the mortar cleaned from those black streaks if you can't directly hit it? I have a church with 40' walls and goes down a steep hill. I can't get close enough to hit with any pressure just wet. I tried straight 12 1/2% down streamed 10:1 but they won't budge.




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This is one we did earlier and the final wash was with OneRestore.DSC_0105.JPGDSC_0107.JPGDSC_0111.JPGDSC_0113.JPGDSC_0115.JPGDSC_0117.JPG


Lower your pressure

Don't forget that you can lower your pressure without messing with the machine. Just switch tips. If you're using 4 gpm, snap in an 8 gpm tip. 5.5 gpm, 10 gpm...etc. This lowers the pressure considerably, and you don't have to mess with the machines. When you want the higher pressure just put the regular tip back in. We do a lot of coquina here in fla. and the bigger tips come in handy when we rinse it.
You can do those with softwash in 30 min. If you are dealing with an influential HOA Prez then you might consider donating the service in lieu of referrals. Call the prez once a month and ask for referrals. You will get more work if you keep at it.