BT200 & Eatoils Produts

Paul Kassander

New member
I used the super fresh recently on a warehouse that held spices in it. It really did a good job in neutralizing the odor. The building was so bad that your eyes would water when you walked in.

Steven Button

BT200 is great on oil on concrete and pavers when following directions

. I think you are looking at the cost issue the wrong way - you are solving a customer's problem. If it is that big of a problem to them, they will pay accordingly to have it fixed... It's not like using chlorine to deal with mildew.


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We have been using BT200 since early this year on grease, oil, and tire marks. It has truly been worth the cost. And like Steven mention you bill the cost into what you are doing so the cost of the product should not be a issue.

Ron Musgraves

Exterior Restoration Specialist
Staff member
I have tried bt200 several times on pavers. It worked well with hydraulic fluid, but not with oil stains, even a 1 week old oil stain didn't come out. Tried several times over 1 week and no luck. Others have had good success though so I wont knock it,

Did you let it sit over night?