Calling all trailer owners


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I am in the process of rigging my smaller ford V6 pick up for trailering. I wanted to ask if you guys or gals towing have tranny coolers on thier tow vehicles?

ron p

not only would i use

a tranny cooler but i would check out if they make a larger oil pan for the tranny and the engine.
Dont forget to check your breaks more regularly and do oil changes at 2000 miles not 3000.


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Without a doubt, if your towing use a cooler for the traney. You can get a real inexpensive one from J C Whitney. Easy to install too. As for the idea of a larger oil pan, they also sell remote oil filters which can be located on the frame rail. etc, quite easily. Some will handle larger oil filters as well.

Dave Olson

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So far I've only used my trailer to haul Old Iron! ;)

We have a manual transmission in this truck so no need for a cooler.

Dave Olson


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