CETA Charleston Hotel


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Hey I looked at the hotel website at the convention center its showing NO AVAILABILITY for hotel rooms. Does CETA have a block saved? Are they sold out or are there still any open rooms. Ron or Sherry you know?

I really want to stay there for 3-5 days for CETA and NCE thing, but if no rooms at the convention hotel. I will probably only hang for the one day and night for CETA


Ron Musgraves

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I talked to Paul and Espec is not coming. They are about the only one out their that builds decent equipment. Anyway Ron or someone can convince them to come.

Espec will not Be there, they are not doing any trade shows this year.

They have alot under these belt right now with the moving and re-adjusting of Pete and Phil taking over.

Customers can certainly ask them, remember its not free for them to attend.

Paul does have a personal invite from me and still may come to hang out.

This will be the largest show ever.

Jeff, I do not know about the room Block...

I will check monday