Contest easy to win!!!!! Camera

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Simply post in this thread a photo of rig, job or anything related to this industry.

We will even take bare metal, Guys post it here and win the camera and other prizes.

Winner will be drawn LIVE

Start posting, we will draw random times.


Each POST of a photo will increase your chances
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Here is a photo of a garage we did. Notice the water flow coming from the down spout.

Ash, this is how you use the bucket to prevent the water from flowing down the pipe ( Drain) . The drain pipe is half way up inside the bucket. There is also a balloon inside the pipe.

This is why the EPA / SD requires the water to be filtered before discharge to the sewer.

We pull up gallons of oil per garage cleaning.


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my new downstreamer got it set up to be right at the gun so I can switch right to water I had the fittings so figured I would try it


OK, I'll play (if you don't mind a roof pic!)

This isn't a B/A, but it is a good picture that I use in my sales/marketing showing the chemicals working on this roof, and that I am not blasting away with a PW. When customers see this photo, it really opens their eyes. It's the "Money Shot".


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Right here ant
Sunday is Hose day,

Alrighty man...appreciate it. Not sure I want to be a part of "hose day" though. I'm sure you can understand with me living in California that I'm kinda skiddish with those terms...hahahahh

Anyway, on to some pics.

Here are some pictures of an exhaust cleaning done by a "certified" cleaning company in the Los Angeles area, the day before these pictures were taken. As you can see, this industry has a long way to go....