Contest!!!! value $536.80 FREE- all you gotta do is Posts

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$536.80 FREE- all you gotta do is Posts

Contest Rules:

1. Post in this thread. You have to post a job, your rig or yourself. (Only one is required to be entered into a random drawing for the PUMP.
2. All posters must have a valid signature.
3. Please Thank Lori in Post for being so generous.
4. If you have bought product from Rex or Lori include some comments about your experience.
5. Only one winner will be drawn and one pump giving away.

Other than that good luck and the drawing will be random and the date will be announced sometime during Texas meeting Live. This is posted on other Boards and if you post on those your chances will increase by the number of BBS you are participating on.
Of course shipping outside the USA will not be included; shipping in the continental USA will be included. Good luck and get posting.

One winner will be Chosen in a live drawing during the TEXAS round table randomly.

I attached information on the All-Flo air diaphragm pump.

I am giving away the following:

1x All-Flo 3/8" Specialty Air Diaphragm Pump
1x 5' x 1/4" Rubber Air Hose rated to 300 psi with 1/4" crimped mpt brass fittings
1x 200 ft x 1/2" Kuri Tec PVC Chemical Hose with 1/2" crimped mpt brass fittings
1x Chemical Wand Assembly with Stainless Steel QC's and 3 Spraying Systems nozzles
1X Package of 25 1/4" Viton O-rings (Chemical Resistant)

Package value at PWP Price: $536.80


Chemical Pumps


3/8" Specialty Performance

  • Capacity: Adjustable 0-9 GPM (34,0 liters/min)
  • Maximum Temperature: 150 Deg. F (66 Deg. C) KT-038 -- 200 Deg. F (93 Deg. C)
  • Maximum Air Pressure: 120 PSI (8,2 bar)
  • Minimum Air Pressure: 20 PSI (1,3 bar)
  • Dry Lift: Models w/PTFE balls -- 10 ft. (3 meters) w/Max-Pass valves -- 17 ft. (5,2 meters)
  • Maximum Solids: Models w/Max-Pass valves --1/4" (,4mm) PT,KT,CT -- 1/16" (1,6mm)
  • Air Supply: Inlet -- 1/4" NPT/BSP Female Outlet -- 3/8" NPT/BSP Female ***NOTE*** Muffler supplied
  • Fluid Inlet/Discharge: All models -- 3/8" NPT/BSP Female
Lori Smith

Pressure Washer Service, Inc
(800) 519-9279 (8-5 EST)
(727) 424-6600 Rex's Cell
(727) 449-1559 Fax



...$536.80 FREE- all you gotta do is Posts

If you dont enter you can't WIN!!!!!!

We reserve the right to change the contest!
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Ron & Roger - Myrtle Beach 2009! Thanks to Lori for this opportunity :)


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I want in but a way too tired to learn how to post a pic.
I have bought from Lori before, they are great people to deal with. Rex is a master with anything P/W and their prices are very competitive, they are also true Patriots !!


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Shipping is included! All you need is a compressor. If you have air brakes on your truck, you can use the compressor to power the air daiphragm pump! Good luck! Lori
Cleaning Airport Radar Tower in Corpus Christi Texas

Here is a picture from 2007 where I was up in a 125' manlift cleaning this airport radar tower for the Corpus Christi Airport before it was in service. The top deck was 87' high and the whole structure had to be cleaned.

It really is great of Lori and her company to donate this great prize, Thank You Lori! It is very generous of you to do this. Thank You!

I have bought from Pressure Washer Service and always have had a great pleasure doing business with them, they are always so friendly on the phone and I got to meet them in person in Tampa when I was at the Tampa Round Table earlier this year. They really are a great family and great company to do business with.

Everything I have bought from them has been top quality without exception and as my business grows, so will be the amount of products I will be purchasing with them.


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Municipal Water Tank Cleaning in Texas

Here is a picture of me in my bucket truck washing a municipal water tank back in December of 2008. It was cold out that week, in the low 30's and the last 2 days was 27 and 29 degrees when I was washing those tanks.

Those tanks are always circulating so they will not freeze unless the pumps stop or it stays really cold for a long time.

I just wanted to tell Lori Thanks again as they have some of the best customer service out there and are really nice people also.

It is great that they are donating the pump as a prize, Thank You Lori!

I always like talking to her family, they are great people and a pleasure to do business with and will do what it takes to make sure that you get the right stuff for your job.

I buy stuff from them when I can and it gets here in a timely manner and their prices are great!


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