Dental Plans for Seniors ?


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Both wife and I are seniors and neither of us have dental plans. Both have good teeth and get occasional cleanings. Nothing major.
Wife wants me to look at dental plans. So I did. Since we are AARP members , I looked at their site. They have a plan offered from $1,500 a year to $636 a year with varying annual deductibles, etc.
I also looked at the website They show plans from about $195 per yr to $200 per year. These are not really advertised as dental insurance but rather,discount plans that some dentist will offer. You pay $20 after check out and whatever they did to your teeth like cleaning (50-$60).
You have to go to the dentist on the list.


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The ugly truth is that your teeth need extra care with age unless you have veneers. So, it’s worth applying for a dental plan if you haven’t done it earlier.
But, if you always had healthy teeth, I would stick to the $636 plan per year. You won’t need to visit a dentist that often. So, at least you can save a lot of money.
I usually don’t have any issues with my teeth, even though I drink a lot of coffee. I’m a smoker, and also I love to eat different sweets. I require teeth whitening services in Bay Village OH, from time to time, and that’s it. So, I went for the cheapest dental plan for myself.