Drone with 720p video. Is it worth it?

They are selling the new phantom 3 at the big shop here for $1080 otd.

I paid $440 for the Phantom FC40 new in the box. I've already ran it in the tree twice with full crashes to the ground (once on concrete) and once I hit a light pole and it climbed all the way to the top then cam crashing down. Am on my third set of props. But this sucker is pretty tough! Still flies like a champ.

Starting to get the hang of it. This is my first attempt at a video.

Wow Tony that's awesome video quality.
Looks like the compound has changed a little since I was there too.

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Tried to use it to pull rope on a roof. It pulled it fine, but when it came time to land on the roof, the weight of the rope kept making it drift to the edge of the roof. I am thinking a small claw about 20 ft from the end of the rope will stop that.

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I bought the dji mavic pro as my first drone and I couldn't be happier with that choice(slow motion makes it worth every penny). I'm planning to go on youtube with my cleaning business.