Finally got my Concrete cleaning solution together!

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What chemical mix did you use?
Hey CL is that a northstar surface cleaner? How is it. I was thinking of buying one.

It's great. I bought it 3 years ago off craigslist for $100. it worked great on a 2600 psi 2.4 gpm unit from costco for a year, then I left the business. my brother let it sit outside for 2 years and the swivel went bad. bought a new swivel kit from northstar for $80 in may 2013 and it's been purring ever since. my 3000 psi 4 gpm pushes it nice. the max specs on it is the same as the new model:

I have to say, it's been abused but is one tough cookie. 20" is great. 200 degrees on the video, no rings had to be replaced.